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parking break left on

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parking brake left on

heard some mesa guys blabbing in the phl crewroom about someone landing with a parking brake on yesterday? any idea where and who pulled that off?
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i think it was a rj of sorts, just "over heard" the convo so i thought i would ask around here for details
In the CRJ you can't accidently set the parking brake. If you try to take off with it on, the plane will give a config alert. If this is true, and if it's in the CRJ, I'd love to know how this happened.
It was an MDA crew in a 170 @ IAH last monday.

All the more reason to kkep those aircraft on mainline, away from the amateurs...........
Probably monkied with the parking brake in flight for some reason? I've heard of that once before on a Brasilia.

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