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ORF/PHF shutting down for good?

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Well-known member
Jun 24, 2004
I haven't seen the memo that was put out, but recieved a voicemail from a fellow PDT'er that ORF/PHF will be shut down by January. I suppose to do with air wisky moving in. Is there anyone more in the know than myself that can elaborate on this? I figured they would have gotten rid of CLT before they canned ORF.
Kinda off topic but do you guys know of any good crashpads in ORF or cheap crew hotels? Sorry about bumping you guys out - if its any consolation most of us don't want to go there...

I just signed a lease in july, I guess now im not sure if i'll be staying there after the first of the year. Real nice place, great part of town (ghent), might possibly need to get rid of it, sublease, etc.

Twotter- I assume it has been finalized on your end for an ORF base, pretty much a done deal? All I can get out of people are rumors about when you guys are moving in, if/when we are moving out, etc.
down to one over night at the news in november, will start to go away in november, but they say january. Should be a couple of interesting months ahead, especially for us ORF/PHF

I think we got a transition timeline and it said

Phl will open 09/01/05
orf will open 11/01/05
dca will open 11/01/05

I know there will be a mx base in orf as well.
I hope this all helps.
Just like otter says nobody here is happy to be making you guys move.

Yea i understand, no hard feelings on my side towards any of yall. This is just one of those choices the higher-ups make that I guess ill never really be able to understand or wrap my head around. How many pilots are they planning on putting in ORF for you wisky guys?
Don't worry man, we're pretty much in the same boat down at CLT.

If it helps, I hear not much will change until Jan. At least that's what the CP has said about CLT. Then its anybody's guess since no one knows yet what mainline mgmt wants to do with us. My guess is its gonna be cold where we fly.....
The rumor running around the crewroom is 50-100 pilots based at ORF - however I don't know that we have seen an official number yet. As pilotpayne pointed out the sceduled date for ORF to open is Nov 1 but again is only an estimate.

Yea, im getting the feeling its gonna be even colder for us come the first of the year. I guess it will have to be, no where else south to send us. Being from atlanta, I dont think ill ever get used to cold weather. What was that dash operator down in the caribbean? Caribbean sun/star? Wonder if their hiring........?
From what I hear, it ain't worth the warm weather to go down there. Besides when the merger goes through, its anyone's guess as to what happens with us. Might have some VERY warm domiciles open up. Out West.

I know what you mean about being from the south and flying in freezing ass weather. Ended up walking to the steak house next to the SYR hotel in a snowstorm, single digit temp, below 0 windchill. For those of you who haven't been, its well worth the walk in any conditions short of a tornado.

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