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Old School Toys

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Still turning two
Nov 26, 2001
Someone mentioned the "Big Wheel" on another thread that got me thinking about all the great toys we had growing up. There was only two types of kids in my neighborhood, Big Wheel kids or Green Machine kids. The Big Wheels always won.

What was yours.
I only recall having one type of kids in my neighborhood, and we all had fun together. Older kids had bikes, all pretty much the same with fat tires and one speed, and the younger kids had wagons and trikes. I've seen every combination of the three tied together with twine, clothesline, and dog leashes. I don't recall there being too much difference between us and "the Jones'es" until they got one of those self-propelled lawnmowers and a new kind of grass trimmer. I was still trimming grass along the chainlink fence with hand clippers, and the nextdoor neighbor was whizzin' by with some new-fangled thing called a WeedEater. Boy, was I jealous.

i had a big wheel that had a place for this big, battery-powered squirt gun right up front between the handlebars. it even had a firing button on the handlebars so i could still hold on and squirt people. it was off the hizzy, fo sheezy.
whoa. regul8r. was your bigwheel mostly gray w/ red handlebars? and the gun was black?
The Green Machine kids were definately cooler. Those things were bada$$ with their lever-operated steering and all. I never had one. It didn't matter because I was the first one to get a SantaCruz skateboard with GullWing trucks. That was soon followed by a Jeff Bushman 5'7" thruster and my life was forever changed.:)

BTW- I still have a 2-inch scar on my face from when the paperboy ran over me and my big wheel on his bike.:smash:
OK, I'm trying to think of some of the toys I had....here is what I can come up with so far.

Hackey Sacks
Rubiks Cube
Slip N Slide (Dad was pissed when he saw how torn up the lawn was)
Weeble Wobbles
Chinese Jump Rope
Evil Kneivel Stunt Bike
Play Doh
We used to make 5-6 foot tall kites out of lath and grocery bags, and use baling twine for string...had to use the Honda three-wheeler (am I dating myself with that one?) to get it airborne, but in a strong wind, it would just about lift one of us off the ground :)


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