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NWA Pilots passed TA

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Dec 22, 2003
Today the NWA pilots approved the concessionary TA..........

5040 eligable to vote
4028 voted
2563 approved the TA (63.6%)
1465 voted against the TA (36.4%)

IMO we should not have approved this TA, It greatly lowers the bar......

I hope DAL has more resolve than our group.....
jetflier said:
IMO we should not have approved this TA, It greatly lowers the bar......

As a nonsenority fellow NWA worker I agree that it lowers the bar, but I ask: What is the alternative?

Negotiations had stopped while you vote on this tentative agreement. If any union doesn't agree with it, the judge will likely impose it on the 16th.

At least in creating a TA ALPA could chose where the 60% came from. Is IAM any better off than you by not agreeing to a TA?
Dizel8 said:
Was the vote for a interim TA or a permanent one?

The agreement was a temporary cut in exchange for extending the 1113 ( c ) negotiations.

Complete details of the TA can be found on http://www.bsillc.com/

Select "Case Information" on the bottom left side. The Select Northwest Airlines from the list. The 1113 ( e ) agreement is in the court paperwork, docket #905.

This link MAY work:

Maybe the ALPA guys can post a better link from ALPA, not sure.

*Edit* The APLA agreement is exibit 1. Payscales (since it seems that all some people care about) are on page 43.
I think the key for us here at NWA is a unified seniority list to make sure anybody flying an airplane with the Northwest paint scheme is a NWA pilot. Even if it means...hrmm....throwing those PNCL and MES to the bottom of the list. The bottom line is they are going to get 70+ seat airplanes for some other company lets just keep NWA pilots in them. Once we lose scope, they start training our replacements. We can worry about our pay another day.
Without taking 20 minutes to read it...

Are there ANY changes to scope provisions anywhere in the temporary agreement?

I'm not exactly "excited" about getting stapled to the bottom of ANYONE'S list, but it sure beats the alternative of farming red-tail flying to new carriers. Hope you guys can find a way to keep it all on-property.
No changes to scope with interim agreement....that's what the extra two month's supposedly buy us...more time to negotiate scope,etc.
IMO, y'all are nuts.

That said, if you get a fair game from management over the next 60 days, and up through the 1113 filing, I will retract my comments. The problem is, from everything I've read, you're dealing with a highly corrupt management team. Most of them sold their shares in NWAC just prior to the CH11 filing (read:insider trading), virtually all of them protected their precious eliteist lives with ironclad, CH11 proof, golden parachutes and pension packages, and your general counsel is from Lorenzo's team. How can you possibly expect these guys to negotiate in good faith over the next 60 days? Furthermore, aren't these the same morons who single-handedly derailed every fare hike over the past 5 years and helped get us all to this position in the first place? Perhaps I don't have a clue what I'm talking about but in any battle you size up your adversary, it appears the pilots of NW failed to do so.

The courts have the pilots of this country running scared about their jobs the leadership at ALPA national seems to be like a deer in headlights about this entire debacle.

The only way to make management realize who runs the airline is to stand up to them. Something the NW pilots clearly failed to do.

Y'all should've gone to school on AQ. They have shown up in force everyday of the 1113 court proceedings. Their management signed a promise NEVER to seek 1113 and they lied. When the judge shows up for court every day and faces an onslaught of pilots fighting for their profession, he gets the human side of what is happening, instead of the routine jockeying by lawyers and consultants who are trying to get rich on the backs of the pilots and other employees.

At any rate, good luck over the next 60 days. For all of our sakes, I hope my comments are dead-wrong and you protect things like scope and work rules. Hopefully this latest vote is the NW pilots line in the sand.
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