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NJA Furloughs

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Where does that 495 fall in date of hire?
Nov '06 is about right. Hopefully one round only!
One of my IOE captains I flew with after training at ASA last spring was on his last trip before starting school at NJA.

He spent the whole trip talking about what a great place to work it was going to be, how well he'd be treated there, pointing out all the ASA/regional airline bull******************** he'd no longer have to put up with, how much better the pay/schedule was.

I'm really feeling for that guy and his family right now...
Glad I didn't go there. Who would have thought that staying at my regional would be a good thing.
Just goes to show that no matter who you work for, nobody is safe in this ********************ty industry.
I was bummed when I didn't get the job. Quite grateful now. Seemed like a lot of great people there.
The truth is, the economy is affecting everyone. There is a price to pay for the great salary of the NetJet guys and gals. 50k/year starting out isn't that great when your getting put back on the street. This is a sobering reminder that the "great" places to work aren't as secure as once believed. Stimulus after massive stimulus isn't the answer either. Where is that pilot shortage?

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