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Netjets - Citation X or Falcon ?

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Oct 30, 2005
Any of you NJA types out there, if a guy was "hypothetically" offered the X or the Falcon, any benefit to one over the other? Seems like the FA would be nice? Is the flying any different?
From a X guy...pick the falcon...X has more young guys it is a lot of fun...the 2000 is older strange dudes, but the FA could be bad or good...but they have a slower pace...2 hour shows...hour shutdowns etc.
Then a hypothetical...way to go JB! Were you able to get in before the 21st? Pick the Falcon it's a no brainer. Hypothetically we should be flying together soon!
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bluepost said:
the 2000 is older strange dudes

Most of the older guys are FO's, won't affect him. Plus, vast majority of a Falcon crews are great people, young and old.
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Unfortunately the class starting today was full, which was the last one before the 21st. So I've got to figure out how this is all going to work. looks like after Jan 1st will be my best bet, since I'll have a "little more free time".
Reality Check


I'm a new hire from Nov 7th class. Get Falcon out of your mind. It will not happen for a new hire for quite some time. I was offered the X, but turned it down because it is the major WORKHORSE of the fleet. The only other A/C being offered to new hires for the near future is the ULTRA. The only time you get a offer for the X as a new hire is if someone else dropped before you. They informed me and the class behind me that the ULTRA is the only A/C on the table for the near future. But, then again anything can happen??

My two cents
NETJETS New Hire classes Nov 07th and 14th

Just to give you an idea of class enrollments.

Nov 7th 16 Total

Nov 14th 29 Total
We've had about a dozen FO's bid out to CA on other airframes in the last month, plus more to come. I guarantee we'll be hiring Falcon crews very soon. Don't know about the X.

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