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N1KE Gear Problems

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Aug 27, 2005
This just in. A gulfstream about to make emergency landing in PDX. News says it belongs to Nike. CNN is so excited about this. Reserve has made me excited about anything.
If they had bought a falcon this wouldn't have been a problem.


You've just woke up the sleeping G-V bear. But I agree:D .
Good luck to the crew and pax, I'm hoping (like everyone) for a good outcome.
on FOX news the "expert" they are talking to said that the GV probly as 20,000 gallons of jet fuel to burn off! wow, so at 6.7lbs per gallon thats 134,000lbs of fuel! that GV is a haus.

Also she says the when she flys on the airlines she always flys with a smokehood in her carry on.
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