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Mar 12, 2004
Moscow here we come ...Looking for any and all info ,advice for hotels, food enertainment...do's and don'ts .

Thanks bob
I lived in Moscow from 1994 to 1996, so I'm kind of out of the loop now. But one thing you should do is check out the English-language Moscow Times' website.

It's a great town, lots going on ... and don't believe all that stuff people will tell you about the dangers of the mafia. You are small fry for those organized crime boys, so just take the common sense you'd take to any big city.

Lots of gorgeous women, lots of good restaurants, and all really expensive.

As far as touristy stuff goes: you'll want to wander around Red Square and the Kremlin, walk down Old Arbat and maybe hop a ride out to the World War II memorial on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. There are thousands of things to do there ... how long you going to stay?
Moscow is really cool. We use Domo all the time. The handler has their own building etc.

Brush up on QNE, QFE, MM and meters. The atis is in MM. Dont take any pictures on the ramp at the airport. My co-pilot did and it took 45 minutes to get him back. Stay in the lanes when flying in and out of Moscow..no direct too's. Make the handler arrange transportation to and from the hotel.

Take a city tour, stop at the Hard Rock and the Harley Dealer. We arranged it with the hotel. Go to Red Square and take the Kremlin tour it was really great. The resturants are really good but it aint cheap in Moscow. There is a huge mall across Red Square from the Kremlin that you should wander through too.

Have a great time, the people are really great. If I remember right, "thank you" sounds like "spice-eh-bow".

You will have a blast!
I was not a pilot when I flew there, so I don't know anything about flying there. However, take empenage's advice and keep your cameras hidden while at the airport. The Russians can still get weird about that kind of thing. Another funny thing about Russia is that the border patrol hires good-looking young girls to check passports at the airports. US Customs could learn something.

"Thank you" in Russian is "sbasibo," pronounced "spah-SEE-buh."

Incidentally, do you guys know if fluent Russian help me get a job with anyone?

Economist always has a good city guide for most major cities. I don't believe that it is subscription.


If you are interested in nightlife, check out:


It discusses nightlife - This is what the Economist says:

"To get a feel for nightlife, check the Exile, an English-language periodical better seen than described (and definitely not for the faint of heart). It rates nightspots by the “Fakhie-factor”, which means exactly what it sounds like."
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I am in Moscow as we speak...it rained today, but so far entire week has been hot.....the view is fantastic, wear shades, so as not to be arrested.
All three main airports handle private aircraft, and all have their good points. DME is a long way out of time, but a new facility. VNU has a railway station that opened yesterday, direct into city. SVO has an exec termilal, and most direct service to city. VNU appears to be the most conjested. Runway repairs every night at present.
Hotels are good, but a little restricted in quantity, but not quality, or rack rate.(WOW). New Swiss Hotel opening this week.
Perhaps best crew rate is at the Marriott Renaissance. North of Red Square by 30 mins.
PM me if more info needed. Bumz
Take a DK Eyewitnes Travel Guide. I've found these to be the best. The subway in Moscow makes it very easy to get around once you get the Cyrillic names figured out. Don't take pictures in the tube stations though, some are very beautiful and something of a tourist attraction, but the subway still has a defense function; buy the pack of postcards. Red Square is unbelivable. If you are in to space history there is a little museum under the Spuntnik monument that is worth the trip (tube stops right there). Other than food, you can barter for everything including cabs; vendors want $, Euro, Yen, and then Rubbles in that order. Most are onboard w/ plastic (even in the market)and ATMs are starting to become more common. Sorry, can't help w/ the "night life," went w/ the family on the wk long ITT trip that was 3 days in St Pete & 4 in Moscow. People are great. Just be "city smart" and watch your personal space and you'll have a blast.
It's been awhile since I've been to Russia. I would love to go back.

Anybody ever take the "Midnight Train" from Moscow to St. Petersburg? I'll never forget that!;)

Is hitchhiking still the easiest way to get around town?

Can you still shop for live pumas, tigers and other unique items at the "Market" in Moscow?
things have changed HMR

The streets now only have dangerous motor cars, have not seen a bear there for some while, and eagle in Red Square but that doesnt count.

The new VIP train has started on the ST pete run, but the old train still runs...

I would not hitch hike even as I live there, the metro and trams are perfectly safe...the traffic is too bad to make flagging a car down as speedy as it once was.

Event the hungry duck, has been tamed.

The American Bar and Grill now has free wifi at every table....and the girls are still in the corner.....


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