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More Delta MD90s

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looks like a photo of a bunch of Gemini Jets....

the one to the left of the UAL 737 is the MD90 from hello airlines that is soon to have Delta paint. its the first of many that the company wants to get on property.
Board has approved up to 50. Yes, we are getting them. We have five in possession with a sixth on it way from Hello.
Route wants them as growth jets and Flt Ops says they will be a one for one with the 9's and or 88's. We shall see.
Oh Great! Does this allow more 76 seat jets?

Depends. The 76 seat jets are hard capped at 153 until the mainline takes possession of its 768th airframe. We're currently at about 750. Once we go above 767 airframes they can increase the number of 76 seaters, but not much more, because they are butting up to the 255 limit for 70 + 76 seat jets. Just a hunch, but I don't think they really want too many more RJs, even the 76 seat variety.
Also from the third floor in Eagan, which isn't the source of all the good info as it used to be but most are confirming: MD88/90s to MSP and A319/20s to SLC. When/How/Why? The answer I get is "soon."

The why part of the equation is MD-88/90 can do east/west out of MSP but not east out of SLC very well. The MD can do both coasts from MSP, and ditto for the A319/320 out of SLC. Most everyone probably heard this already.

Bring on more MD-88/90s!!!!
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