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More CR7's for American Eagle

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Interesting news, looks like some people gave in to allow some more rrrrrjjjjjj's. But Shhh....they probably didn't want anyone to realize that.
Interesting news, looks like some people gave in to allow some more rrrrrjjjjjj's. But Shhh....they probably didn't want anyone to realize that.

This was a previous give in by you know who. I'm sure they're a little grumpy this morn.
Today AMR and American Airlines made a number of important announcements, including the raising of an additional $1.3 billion in cash reserves, the restructuring of AA and Eagle schedules at several key hubs, the continuation of AA's fleet renewal, and the addition of many new international flights. Finally, Eagle announced that it has signed a letter of intent with Bombardier to exercise its options to purchase 22 new CRJ-700 aircraft. The purchase of these aircraft will be fully financed. I encourage you to go to Jetnet to read AA’s press release and a letter to employees from AMR CEO Gerard Arpey.

The combination of all of these announcements is very positive for AMR, AA and American Eagle. The improvement in AMR's cash balance as a result of the financing agreements will better enable the corporation to manage through this difficult environment and focus on doing the things necessary for intermediate and long-term success. The network changes will make the AA/AE combination more competitive in our most important markets and the addition of 22 CRJ-700s will better enable Eagle to support the AA network and make Eagle a stronger company.

The new aircraft will start arriving in June of 2010 and will be delivered in a two-class configuration, resulting in Eagle's first "First Class" cabin. Starting next spring, Eagle will also commence retrofitting our existing fleet of 25 CRJs to include a first class cabin, so that our entire fleet of 47 CRJ-700s will offer premium class service.

The schedule changes announced today will impact Eagle in a number of ways. First, our schedule in Chicago will be increased, including the shifting of most of the DFW-based CRJs to Chicago starting next spring. Schedules will be increased at JFK and MIA and reduced at BOS and RDU. AA will take over some Eagle routes. Eagle will take over some AA routes and AA and Eagle will share a number of routes for the first time. Final specific schedules are still being nailed down but many of the changes will occur in April of 2010, with the remaining changes occurring over the course of the summer of 2010. More details on the schedule changes can be found on Jetnet.

We are in the process of determining the impact these changes will have on staffing requirements for each of our work groups and will be communicating on this topic as soon as we have definitive information to share.

I believe that the schedule changes which AA has directed for Eagle -- and for AA's other regional partner, Chautauqua Airlines, which AA intends to shift from STL to ORD -- will make the AA network more successful in this extremely competitive business. I am pleased that Eagle will be playing an important role in these changes to strengthen the network and to begin detailed planning for delivery of the new CRJs. I hope you share my pride in the fact that AA has confidence in our ability to respond to these requests and to operate the new schedule safely and reliably.

Today's announcements are consistent with our Plan to Win and its three major strategies of retaining AA as a customer, preparing for growth, and aligning employee interests.

Thank you for everything you do to work safely and provide outstanding service to our customers and each other.


Peter M. Bowler
A friend told me that Management is breaking the news to the CHQ folks today that the STL base is closing in April after 10 years of being a crew base. The aircraft and crews will move to ORD. I think STL will be down to only 36 or so flight a day under AA. Kind of sad if you can remember that place in the 90's and early 2000's.
So would Eagle then be hiring?

22 airplanes which will only begin to arrive mid to late next year. 70+ pilots furloughed. No net gain in airplanes.. just replacing some of the saabs and erjs in the desert. Probably not for at least a year or two.
The title of this thread should have been Less Flying for the Mainline.
The title of this thread should have been Less Flying for the Mainline.

No because this is a net gain for AA as well. They will gain flying out of all bases. In addition the new "flying" will serve cities such as MIA-TYS and ORD-DAY. Routes in which none of the mainline equipment really works. However routes that will provide feed into the hubs for the Mainline planes to fill up..... Unlike the true replacement of RAH and the PHL-DFW, PHL-IAH and routes such as those that are too long for a regional aircraft.

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