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Mesaba Training Contract & Furlough

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Feb 24, 2005
Is Mesaba enforcing the 1 year training contract on people leaving right now. I have heard that they are. If they are going to furlough them anyways, why not just let them leave? Or is that what the "voluntary furlough" is all about? Just curious.
Take the fulough and then go work for someone else. Hopefully by the time they get back to calling up furloughs, your year will be up.
I'm not a Mesaba employee. But that is what I would do if I were in that situation. Mesaba still has pilots doing IOE, man thats just sick.
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Way2Broke said:
Mesaba still has pilots doing IOE, man thats just sick.
yea, that old fashioned IOE thing...they still do that over there?
I think you missed the point. Mesaba is going to furlough, and some poor pilot is just getting done with training and IOE knowing that. But, your kindove stuck because there is a one year training contract, and if you leave you owe them. So you basically have to wait on your furlough.
if your furloughed at the companies control to lay you off, then you are not bound to any training contract if you have been there less than a year. They are laying you off, you are not quiting. its the companies loss if they train you and your willing to work then they say we dont need you anymore, then its the airlines loss not your for the training contract
I am aware of that. What I am getting at is that if a furlough is imminent, like at Mesaba, and you get offered another job before you get furloughed you will still be breaking the contract and held to the financial obligations. I don't believe in training contracts anyways, if a company treats its pilots right then there is really no need for them.
Fuk Mesaba. (yes you Mr. Mesaba management type reading this. You drove your company into the ground. Idiot.) If you're at the bottom and you know you're getting furloughed, take another job. Let them take you to court. When it comes out that ther were going to furlough you anyway, their loss.
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Unless you signed a training bond, IE a loan with the company dont worry about it. If you signed a traing bond like Colgan has you sign, wait to be furloughed. An involuntary separation voids even a training bond. Good Luck!

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