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Mesaba losing the Avros (?)

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Well-known member
Apr 7, 2003
Hot off the press from a MAIR Holdings SEC filing tonight. It need not be the last word, but it doesn't look good for the Mesaba guys.

Item 8.01. Other Events.

Northwest Airlines, Inc. ("Northwest") has provided Mesaba Aviation, Inc. ("Mesaba"), a wholly owned subsidiary of MAIR Holdings, Inc. (the "Company"), with Northwest's flight schedule for the period between October 31, 2005 and December 14, 2005. The schedule provides that nine of the Avro Regional Jets ("Avros") operated by Mesaba will be removed from service. Additionally, on September 21, 2005, Northwest provided Mesaba with written notice of its intent, effective December 20, 2005, to terminate the leases between Northwest and Mesaba for all 35 of the Avros operated by Mesaba. The termination of these leases and subsequent removal of the Avros from Mesaba's fleet will result in a substantial decrease in Mesaba's revenue and will have a material adverse effect on the Company's financial results. Mesaba has notified Northwest that the removal of the nine Avros from service as of October 31 is in violation of the parties' contractual arrangement, and Mesaba is reviewing all available alternatives. Separately, on September 23, 2005, Mesaba provided written notice to Northwest that a portion of the amount Northwest failed to pay Mesaba on September 12, 2005 included approximately $400,000 due for Mesaba's provision of ground handling services to Northwest and Pinnacle Airlines, Inc. Mesaba notified Northwest that Mesaba reserves the right to terminate ground handling services and to exercise any other available remedies.
Looks like the boys in Eagan want to make sure everybody shares the pain.Sorry to hear this but not unexpected.
You ain't an airline pilot til you've been furloughed...

Isn't it about time for some good news at Mesaba? Where can I get one of those stickers that has the kid pissing on the Northwest Airlines logo? Might look good on my flight bag.

What ever.... try posting a source.. until then, just flame bait.

I stand corrected......that sucks donkey d1(ks....looks like back to reserve again.

Whoop Whoop...pull out!!!!!

In addition, Doug Steenland resigned from the MAIR Holdings board today... *Looking at the writing on the wall...*
35 for 35

Well, it might be tough for awhile, but with 35 CRJs coming its even steven. And thats ofcourse if this actually happens. Remember all the doom and gloom official looking press releases 2 years back about parking the Avros and everybody was convinced it would happen. Atleast in this case Mesaba has an even trade of aircraft, so theoretically no need for furloughs, the only downside being the transitional period.

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