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Mesaba cut in half! official from company.

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NWA told them their avros were all gone on December 20th.
What was the Mesaba fleet breakdown before the proverbial crap hit the fan? I truly feel for the all the Mesaba employees. It's very sad to see what management at XJ, and NW has done to one of the finest regional airlines in this country.

An XJ alumn.
If the Avros are gone, what will they use in Aspen?
Yea, and you should believe everything Spanky Jinglepants, MAIR, or NWA puts out.
I'll believe it when they are off the property. If it does happen, you'll need a 450 or less seniority #. If that is case, then no concessions are needed, because this said excuse of an airline is done.

MESABA= Indian for like an airline!
yeah, i flew one of those avros that were parked on december 20th......a couple days ago......more crap from the company.....if i get furloughed fine, it sucks, but i will not accept 24 or 25 an hour with 72 hour min pay for a month, with increased healthcare cost. a reduced fleet.....why do we we have to take such cuts? why are investers from NWA inspeciting our headquarters and training facility? why are they asking for 110 seat rates that undercut the entire industry? They smell a profit...they meaning, NWA, Mair and mesaba. full pay til the last day i say! full pay til the last day and then i pray for a bright sunshiny day for i will be working 9-5 and wil make more pay

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