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Mesaba CRJs to be "asset" transfer?

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Dec 13, 2004
From the latest update, it seems that the Mesaba CRJs to Pinnacle will be an "asset" transfer and the props will be "merger" of Mesaba with Colgan. Am I reading this right? If so, I hate to be the one to say it, but all Mesaba pilots should get ready to be bent over.

It doesn't seem XJ pilots will be coming over with the jets. And if you think 9E management will help you or even the 9E MEC, you're in for a rude awakening. Our MEC has its own wars/problems within, let alone handle a situation like this. I can see management touting "asset transfer" and not "merger" therefore bypassing language within contract scope clauses. What exactly, to the WORD, is XJ scope protection? Someone post it here please. And what will prevent an asset transfer?

Good luck to you guys, you're gonna need it. And lube!
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I heard that the asset transfer will be 900's from pinnacle to XJ as a tactic to get 9E to settle.
Move 900s from a cheaper contract to a more expensive one? Pinnacle mgt will not go for that. Instead, you can bet the 900s from XJ will come to Pinnacle, under current Pinnacle contract and rates extablished.
Here's an ingenious solution- everyone wear your epaulets backward- that way management won't be able to tell the "nine" pilots from anyone else.
Are you smoking crack or are just stupid? How many 9E Fo's do I have to hear ask, "when are we getting all of Mesaba's jets?" or "When are we getting the crj 200's back that they took from us?" Even in the meetings Phil whatever his name said that they PLAN is that all the Jets will be under 9E and Props under XJ. He has said how that happens is yet to be determined because there are alot of contracts to be negotiated. This is a fact, Pinnacle Corp will want to retain the pilots as they are all qualified on them saving a lot of money. How much would it cost to train 60 some crews for those planes? Our unions will negotiate something and ALPA language states that no one group in a SLI will gain a windfall from the transaction. And realise this for all of you at 9E who think you bought XJ. The company who owns your company bought you, putting all of us on an equal footing in this deal. I do not see anyone at Mesaba saying they will take Colgans Q400 and leave their pilots to be thrown to the street. Grow up and think about how strength will be through unit, not dumba$$ comments (by the way, wishing to take all of our aircraft to get an upgrade is pretty crappy-our contract language will prevent your hopes and dreams from occuring)
by the way, my harsh words are not for all the good guys and gals over there at 9E who have not opened there mouth and voiced stupid merger scenerios

If you're hearing people thump their chest and say they are 'upgrading soon', you need to just ignore them. Its Phil and Co that you need to be concerned about. For Mesaba pilot's sake, I hope your successor clause holds up...because the new guys you're dealing with will try to take the cheapest coarse of action. Period, end of story.

They want the lowest possible cost without care to those around them, or those that work for them. They have had hundreds of opportunities to do the right thing over the years, and they always do the cheapest! ALWAYS! The cheaper the operation, the larger their bonus.

Try to ignore any 9E boneheads and focus on your real enemy.

I say again, what exactly in your scope contract will prevent an "asset transfer"? I do not have the Mesaba contract with me, so I do not know. But from what I understand, the scope clause is not that great. You talk about SLI, but from what we at 9E are hearing is that the plan is to transfer the 900s as an "asset" to Pinnacle, so 9E operates all CRJs, and merge Mesaba with Colgan with all the turboprops, at which point the appropriate merger policy, SLI will apply. But what is to STOP an asset transfer? On what will your union stand on to say that you cannot transfer assets without transferring pilots. Most scope clauses have protections for successorship or merger. But asset transfer can get real ugly. 9E mgt has zero incentive to bring any Mesaba pilots to 9E with the CRJs. Do not worry about 9E employees right now. I would be much more worried about Mesaba's scope clause, what it can do for asset transfer, and what your union has to fight with.

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