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Oct 26, 2005
Wondering what the hiring status is at MESA. What plane are most of the new hires being assigned too and where are they being based. Also what is the good and "not to much of the bad" about MESA.
Don't come here

I work at Mesa currently, I feel I can field this question

Don't come work here, I promise you don't want to. That's all the relevant information that you need to know.
ExpressJet is hiring... Don't go to Mesa
The majority of the hiring right now is due solely to attrition, and it's anyone's guess as to which A/C a new hire will get. Previous classes recently have been a mix of CRJ, ERJ, Dash, and 1900 (which covers them all). If you're assigned the CRJ, chances are good that you'll be heading to ORD or IAD (although a few have been going to BNA). ERJ is MCO. Dash is either DEN, PHX, or GJT. 1900...way too many to list.

The good of MESA? That's kind of an oxymoron, but I'll bite. If you come to Mesa with high expectations, you'll most likely be dissapointed. On the flipside, if you come here with realistic expectations...well, then it's what you make of it.

In essense, there are two livelihoods at Mesa: being on reserve versus being a lineholder. Same as with any other carrier, yet at Mesa there's a HUGE difference between the two. Reserve at Mesa is one word...H-E-L-L. I seriously wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Eight days off (per 28-day bid cycle), constant ready reserve (from 8-12 hours a day!), and interaction with crew tracking (which means you suffer...hard!). In contrast, if you hold a line, it's again really what you make of it. I would say that mid-junior lines average between 12-13 days off, and being a lineholder reduces your chances of having to interact with Satan...err, I mean crew tracking on a regular basis. I was fortunate to only sit reserve 3 weeks (only because I didn't make the roster that month). I can honestly say that I wouldn't have survived long given an extended stay on reserve.

If you're interested in coming to Mesa for the potential opportunity to make this a career carrier, then I would HIGHLY suggest elsewhere (i.e ExpressJet, SkyWest). However, I doubt anyone with a sane mind comes to Mesa for that reason. Mesa views its pilots as temporary employees, and consequently the pilots view themselves the same. Come here, get your time, and get out. Like other Mesa pilots, I continue to remind myself that I'm here for one purpose, and one purpose only...put up with the crap long enough to build time, and get out. The good thing about Mesa is that you will have experienced just about the worst, so ANYTHING else is just that much better!

...although, ultimately, I wouldn't disagree with khsgt's recommendation also.

Oh yeah...the BAD? Well, I doubt you'll have any trouble getting responses from others on this board.
I'm not really sure what reserve times are like on the ERJ, Dash or 1900. For the CRJ, reserve time has been fairly short due to attrition, and overall lack of staffing (which will always be the case). Since PHL just closed, and ORD is ramping up, it's hard to say.

Upgrades are anyone's guess. There was a recent upgrade that was hired in 10/2003 on the CRJ, but don't hold your breath on 2-year upgrades continuing.

Sorry I can't be of much help...those two questions are extremely subjective, and can change on a daily basis.
I went to interview with Mesa a month ago. They really need pilots bad and looks like that at least for the next 6 months to a year.
I didn't get the job tho, and all my buddies that work there said "its a blessing in disguise" I really didn't want to work there honestly cause of a few freinds that work there from what they told me about it. Grant it, I really would love to begin my jet-career going, but ultimatlyt I would really LOVE to fly for Expressjet, and Skywest/ASA being the next, even Eagle, but the upgrade is not buying me right now. So I am just chugging away trying to make my small sacrafice now as I begin to CFI here to get to XJT then regret going to Mesa.
Getting the job with them now is not that difficult cause they are hiring a bunch, they say attrition, but let me say this, attrition can be a flag for a co. depending on the REASON for the attrition. I found out from a few on the inside that most of them are leaving cause there fed up with Mesa, rather then what the co tells you at the interview of it being pilots going to majors, (they are actually going to 135's corporate, and mostly other regionals, oh and some to majors)
I didn;t get the job for a few reasons: 1) I didn't have close to the multi mins they wants which is 100, and I have only 57. I didn;t have the total as well, which I heard is 700, and I had at the time 685. 2) I been flying jumpers in a C182, which is a good time builder, but they like to see a current job with more IFR approaches, night, usuing procedures, etc. Plus I was just about to start my CFI job to get better exp. 3) I wasn't really granted the interview by Mesa themselves, my career advisor at my alma mater just put me on a list to be granted the interview since they were coming here to conduct interviews, and I told my advisor I am not at the mins yet, but why not see what happens. Must of been a glitch. The technical interview was pretty basic, but I stumbled on a few things cause I was told I had the interview just 2 days prior and didn't really prepare like I wanted. Plus I was in the middle of getting ready for my CFI Oral, then this all came into play at once. But it was a dang good interview expeirence and got to fly out to PHX for free. :)
My buddy is in training with them now, he said he is very unimpressed with how disorganized the co is, and he regrets leaving to prior job flying Challengers, and he didn;t even start IOE yet. So theres a few nuggets of info to digest. But if you have @ 700/100 and want to fly jets for a few years and get your time and leave, hey Mesa is for you then. Good Luck!
I have a friend who is a General manager of a Pizza Hut in CLT. He has four drivers who are also Mesa pilots. Does this say something about the pay and QOL at Mesa?

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