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Mary Schiavo?? Is she even a pilot? Please Advise

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Dec 5, 2002
I am listening to Mary Schiavo on Rita Cosby explaining that Boston Logan does not have very long runways (sufficient for the 717 but not capable of handling larger aircraft) and telling everyone that the 717 is pretty much a regional jet. WTF? Why does someone not shut her mouth? How on earth does she even get on TV? What are her creds (aside from the NTSB gig which in my opinion makes her anything but an expert)? They even have a retired AA Capt, but for some reason, they forget he is there and keep going back to her. She is explaining landing technique of professional jet aircraft pilots. I've flown Hawkers, Lears, and Challengers and am not familiar with the techniques she is speaking of. Maybe someone should ask her to come demonstrate the proper techniques of operating of high performance swept wing jet aircraft in emergency situations. I just can't believe what I am hearing out of this woman's mouth. She is commenting on subjects that greatly exceeds the scope of any knowledge she might posses. If I so much as injest a bird and she comments on it, she had better have a good legal team, cause there'll be a tag team of lawyers getting mid-evil on her A##!! Oh, the Hummanity!!!! What say you?
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She just said...FOD foreign object damage...i have been wrong all these years.
Mary Schiavo?? Is she even a pilot? Please Advise

Well, there goes another empty go-go cage.
I believe that Scary Mary is the proud holder of a private pilot license.

That should qualify her to comment on anything.

What an idiot!

Dude, is this the first time you've ever watched news coverage of an aviation incident? When have they EVER gotten it right? Why target her in particular? Not that she isn't an idiot, but aren't they all? Even the supposed "experts" are often anything but.
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semperfido said:
why put this on the corp board?
Because you are so full of Sh#t, I figured there wasn't room to ram it up your A##, Test Tube Baby. That's why I put it here. If you don't like it, tough Sh#t. You rarely have anything polite to say, and believe me, there is plenty of garbage you put on that nobody wants to read, so if you don't like it, take a hike old timer. I only wish some GLEX would get on here so you and your "G complex ego" could be schooled. With the level of professionalism you constatnly exhibit, I doubt you even fly a Gulfstream.

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