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Man has had enough... strip search time.

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Skirts Will Rise
Jan 17, 2002
Agitated Man Exposes Self At Airport Checkpoint
Man Arrested After Dropping Pants
Posted: 3:40 p.m. EDT July 10, 2002
Updated: 3:50 p.m. EDT July 10, 2002

MIAMI -- A 62-year-old man was arrested at Miami International Airport Tuesday after he dropped his pants and exposed himself when he became agitated over the thoroughness at a checkpoint.
Police said that one of the airport security screeners asked Marc Danselme to turn his belt over. They said that's when Danselme became irate and dropped his pants with the comment: "Is this good enough?''

Other people including some children were present.

Danselme is a French national who lives in Washington, D.C.

He was arrested Tuesday and charged with prohibitive conduct.
I feel this guys pain. Anyone at MIA when his happened?
What pain do you feel? Flip the belt buckle and move on, just like the 10 million before you did.

If I was standing there with my kids, I would have beat his ass. Please tell me you don't agree with this idiot.
I actually do agree with the 'idiot.' This random screening is bull sh*t.

Unless you're going to screen everybody, what's the point??? How many terrorists could have walked by while this dude was getting raped by security...
I agree with him that security overall is pointlessly obsurd. On my most recent flight there was a woman wearing these little tiny open high heels, the screeners asked for them to be put though the machine, these heels were barely big enough to hold the weight let alone contain something.

Also during that same flight I was carrying professional film (Velvia 50), I asked for a hand inspection. Even though I had a copy of the currest TSA regs that say that they must hand inspect my film, I had to wait there for a "manager" to come and verify. Then they grudgely did it.

Also in those regs there say that there must be signs that tell people that they can ask for a hand inspection of film.

I think that if you are going to uphold those regs you are expected to follow them yourself.
Everyone has to go through it, so I guess you're trying to say that it's OK to drop your pants and act like an jerk because you don't like it. Grow up.

ShawnC, don't get the last post. Enlighten me
Basically I was saying that if ones going to uphold the regs they must obey them in the first place.

I have many time seen where the people don't know the regs, and plainly come out and say that, or they say that the regs are "secret."
I agree… random screenings are bovine scatology at best.

Recently a fellow pilot and myself had the “opportunity” to be screened by SFO security because we were carrying our flight cases as carry ons and nothing else. We were in civvies, on a one way out of SFO for LAX going home, of course Harry Callahan had to make us produce our quote, “pilot credentials” just so I could lug 30 pounds of Jepp charts on a UAL 737 into LA.

I’ve never seen not once a random screening of an Arab male age 18 to 35, especially if he’s done up in their usual cultural garb, also saw about two months ago a “Muslim” woman at the Air France counter in full “hood and robe”… wonder if she was asked to submit to the anal cavity probe?

It’s PC BS plain and simple.

The only folks being subject to this crap is old ladies, white middle-aged American businessmen and flight crews.


How about some good old-fashioned "profiling". And tell the ACLU where to stick it.

I am tired of seeing 70 year old men getting stripsearched because their pacemaker is confusing the screener while any number of persons who fit the profile (18-35 year old, middle-eastern male) walk right by.

Civil rights? Post a notice at the front door of the airport. "Security methods in use at this airport include the use of profiling. If you are uncomfortable with this, a bus is probably going your way."

My .02
Sorry, Capt Z-Man, but when you suggest that every one should just tolerate the absurdity of the current process simply because "a million other people have, too", you are not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

The security screening is devoid of any common sense, and although this guy's response was a little "over-the-top" I can definitely agree with his sense of frustration.

I have had it with shaking down old ladies in wheelchairs and mothers with five children, only to avoid seeming politically incorrect. I have had it with, as part of an entire flight crew, watching flight attendents personally known to me being patted down and their shoes x-rayed. I have had it with being inspected for contraband, to make sure I don't gain access to a cockpit that I am already granted access to.

I don't mind the security, what I do mind is the lack of common sense being applied.
Geriatric Strip-Searches

How about that poor 80 year old lady in Iowa getting strip-searched because the screeners could'nt use common sense with people who have knee and hip replacements setting off the wand! O'Reilly had her on his program tonight to give her account. The madness has to stop or people are going to find other ways to travel, hurting our business!

Let's learn a lesson from the pros at El-Al.

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