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Let's dance on the ramp

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Man, Myth
May 26, 2004
Has anyone ever seen a fight on the ramp? The reason that I ask is that I once saw a UA ground crew almost go at it with the Contenential ground crew after the whole airport witnessed a near miss between a A-320 and a B-737. Apart from the incident, it was kind of funny.
I've danced while waiting for another guy to pull the bypass pin and show the captain. Hell we dance waiting for the jets to come in, especially when its COLD out.

Those orange wands make good devil horns
I worked on an airline ramp for about 4 years, and I never saw any conflict between airlines, ever. In fact, everyone went out of the way to help each other. It would not be uncommon to see a Southwest huffer cart on a United 737, a USAir towbar on a Northwest A320, and so on.
I had a crate of chicks (the fowl kind) break open on the ramp one time, and we had pilots, ramp, the station manager, and the fuel truck driver chasing them around trying to gather them up.

I suppose that was sort of a dance!

Never seen a fight on the ramp, other than snowball fights.
I've witnessed one fight during De-icing winter ops. I ended up being the person to do an on runway de-ice as the chics argued out who wasn't going to do what and who hated who and why. Glad I got away. I'd much prefer the bucket than watching and listening to a heated argument when ice is refreezing on the aircraft in less than half the holdover time.
I had a Captain that was about to exchange blows with a ramper. When I called the times in, ops asked me how i liked my ringside seat (they were watching the whole deal on the security cameras)
Evans! I didn't know you were on these boards. What up man?
I had some people get into fisticuffs down in Haiti. Someone from the Bahama's was concerned about the Haitian's stealing the money out of the bag that he had checked. He got into a fight with one of our passengers as well as the agent at that station and eventually the police/security agent that was present at MTCH.
Back in the ACA days, ACA and the Wisky boys shared gate F7 at ORD. Unfortunately, I was never there for the ringside seats, but I had heard stories about one good fistfight and a few other skirmishes. Apparently the airport cops had been called out for the good one.

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