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Jetblue June 3 interview results

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working again, for now.
Apr 11, 2004
Has anyone who interviewed with JetBlue on June 3 heard anything yet? Have any of the people who wrote your recommendations been contacted? Thanks, and good luck to everyone who interviewed or has an interview coming up.
May I ask if your FI stats are current? I.e. total time? What about your PIC Turbine? Types? 121 or 135 background?
Stats are current, my background is freight flying- PIC in a caravan for about 1200 hours and a boat load of Lear SIC time, then I've been at NetJets for the past 3 years, currently furloughed. That's why my time building stalled- I flew a total of 385 hours in my 3 years at NetJets . . . no wonder we furloughed.
Congrats. I'm still hopeful that not all the interview calls have gone out. I did the open house last month, thought it went well, but I haven't heard a peep since then.
No bluedart for me, but I do have an internal rec. I think just about everyone who has been invited to the open house and interview also has one.
I see.. i had some internal rec as well and i went to the open house and got nothing as of yet. I guess i got to keep some faith.goodluck to all.
of the three interview dates about how many interviewed? Hopefully more calls to come.

I've heard more calls are coming, but just not when. I honestly think they still don't know how many they're gonna need. I did notice the application has been turned off, so hopefully that's not a bad sign for those of us still waiting.

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