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Interesting day

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No way you could gotten me into that Jeep to do that. I would have gear upped it and been done with it. Funny how Epic wouldn't let their pilot talk about it.
Why were they towing it in after it landed, rather then letting it taxi under it's own power?

This wasn't you in this plane was it cforst?
no user, wasn't me. did they tow it in case the gear collapsed? make sure no one was in it or risked getting hurt? what if the prop was spinning and the gear collapsed? there's a high-cost repair.

on a funny note, one of the CFI's was asked by a news anchor:
that thing on the front -- is it called a "prop" or a "propeller"?

this has gotta be a new low...
This was done one before somewhere here in Florida about 10 years ago I suspect. The guy was in a convertable and reached up and pulled the gear down with his hand...it was an Arrow...
be careful what you say about people you don't know, T-Gates. you weren't there, you have no idea what was going through everyone's head. and thankfully they didn't have you to depend on when trying to get this situation fixed.
I dunno cforst. It's like the guys that pull the mixture(s) on short final to save the engine(s) when faced with a gear up landing. Sure it's an expensive repair, but I'd rather just let the insurance company deal with it instead of increase my risk.
legend has it tha some where at an aviation school in tulsa (ahem) the same thing happened to an RG and the instructor layed down on his stomach and used the seat belt to lasso the gear down to lock

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