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Independence Air to cease all operations in Jan.

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Dec 15, 2004
[FONT=ARIAL, Helvetica, Geneva][FONT=ARIAL, Helvetica, Geneva][FONT=ARIAL,]I got this from another board...

Well it is official. Its looks like IDE will tank at the beginning of the year. I am a 3+ year flight attendant at Independence; and I can tell you I definitely was on the wagon drinking the kool-aid... taking my daily injections. And for everyone reading this... if you were an employee you would have believed as well. Management definitely sucks... but I have to give them credit for being outstanding liars. I received my furlough notice today via certified mail. (I have typed the letter verbatim at the bottom of this post.)

I have completely lost all respect for mgmt... as my furlough notice is dated December 23, 2005... the exact day that our President was on the employee hotline... pumping us up on outstanding Las Vegas and San Juan load factors and how things are looking up... just as our furlough notices were fresh off the print. The notices were mailed Christmas Eve and I received them today. Merry F'in Christmas FLYi!!!

Check out the hotline and listen for yourself: 866-465-9309.

December 23, 2005

RE: Furlough

Dear Flight Attendant ######:

As you know, FLYi, Inc, the holding company for Independence Air, has been actively engaged in securing investors in, or purchasers of, the Company as it attempts to reorganize under Chapter 11 of the United States bankruptcy Code.

The Company expects that is it is unable to secure significant external investment or a sale of all or substantially all of its operations before January 7, 2006, it will permanently cease all operations and separate all employees at all locations sometime during the period January 7-21, 2006.

In accordance with Section 16.A.4 of the collective bargaining agreement between the Company and AFA covering flight attendants, this letter shall constitute notice that you will be furloughed effective January 7, 2006. The Company retains the right to amend or rescind this notice of furlough.

Jeff Rodgers
Vice President, Employee Services

(Sorry for any typos)

So it is official... to all of you IDE nay sayers... you win... you were right. I just wish the best for all of my colleagues and much happier new year!!

I am sorry for all the good people at Indy(ACA) that our losing their jobs. I dispatched there in 96/97'. Unfortunately for you folks, Skeen/Moore have proven to be the incompetent excuses for "management" they have always been.
They weren't all that bad, it was just a really bad time to go it alone. I'll bet fuel costs will be on the epitaph of IDE.

Sorry to hear the battle looks lost, maybe you'll be saved in the 11th hour.

Good Luck
grog_sit_[LEFT said:
[/left]]They weren't all that bad, it was just a really bad time to go it alone. I'll bet fuel costs will be on the epitaph of IDE.

Sorry to hear the battle looks lost, maybe you'll be saved in the 11th hour.

Good Luck
When every airline CEO and analyst says it's a stupid idea when oil was at $30/barrel then you can bet Skeen and Moore were all that bad. Gary Kelly stated in June FLYI would be done by Dec. he was but a week off.

It was probably the worst decision in the annals of aviation lore.
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Of course they lied....they had to keep the kool-aid flowing so they could finish packing up their golden parachutes. I would bet they won't be walking away empty handed from all this.

Good Luck to y'all!
Tough times!

How many aircraft will hit the market? This will affect many of us more than you think. This isnt good news for anyone.
My regrets to all Indy(ACA) as well. I had a lot of friends over there some of you I have lost contact with, Best wishes.

I think the majority of thier planes are already on the market. I think they have 11 A320's and a handful of CRJ's left.
You folks have all of my respect. It takes brave people to risk it all. Ultimately, you did the right thing at the wrong time. Given better fuel prices, I think you would have had a better chance. On top of it all, it's a horrible time of year to hear news like this. Good luck to you all in the New Year.
My condolences to all the Independence Air employees. I had high hopes for IDE. I echo the sentiment that it was a good idea at a bad time. The days that I spent at ACA/IDE were some of the best days of my life. It was a great organization that deserves a better fate.

Vaya con Dios, Go with God, my friends.

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