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I do about 60 releases a day ...

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Paper Pusher
Jan 12, 2005
With aircraft changes, sick calls, ferry/repo flights, and occasional charters it can actually go higher than that.

Curious as to see how many releases you folks do a day ...
Picked up 25 as soon as I sat down an hour and a half ago and got 56 of my own to do for the shift.

Already re-did 2 for tail swaps.

Light day today.

Will get more passdowns as shifts depart throughout the rest of the PM.
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Heck, I certainly don't worry about # of flights here. The heaviest load you'll typically see during the busy season (winter) is maybe 20 releases in an 8 hr shift, and most of those are 3-5 hr legs.
65 realeases to start the shift. That is typical here. And of course that doesn't include swaps, repos, diversion recovery, or flow. Gotta love it.
Number of releases

Between 40 - 50 over the night shift (release all in a 3 hour window) less over the weekend
AM's get between 50-70 plus with a call in they may split a sector
Not sure about PM's ( they seem to get a lot of handoffs)

Our Asst MAnager is working to try to equal the load though..

Midnight Brit
Coming to you on ACARS 4 nights a week.
Hello, I'm new to the board. I worked to day and did 60 releases. 1 was a diversion recovery and 1 was a tail swap. However that number is down from the normal level as my company has a bunch of aircraft down at present. When I first started spring of last year, if you worked the ORD day shift desk, you could do 90+ releases in a 10 hour shift easy.
Sabre AirOps Dispatch Monitor

62 on the desk today. I'll update with the passdown/passoffs I get a bit later.

EDIT: 21 passdowns/passoffs.
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66 here today on my desk.
Plus the passdowns to come.
We have Bornemann for FliteTrac
Aerodata performance
Jepp OpsControl for flt planning

Crews keep perf book on a/c, ours are in electronic format.

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