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How lemons can be turned into lemonade...

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Benevolent Dictator
Dec 12, 2005
I want to start by expressing my sympathies for the pilots of Midwest and Frontier airlines. The news over the past two days has certainly caused more anxiety and doubt over the immediate and distant future in regards to your aviation career. As a pilot of RAH, I know I have become an instant enemy. I did not chose this path, nor did I know the company I chose to work for 5 years ago would be in this position today. This was not my first 121 employer, nor even my second. I have seen the skids of this industry as well.

Here is what I think we all need to acknowledge. Any company acquired by RAH will have its pilots integrating into the master seniority list at RAH. This was the scope we fought dearly for in 2003. We are not of the same union as Midwest or Frontier, so there will be disagreements on how integration will be handled. Junior pilots here may cry "staple", but understand that they are worried about being furloughed when you guys and girls come onto our seniority list. Don't let a few calls for inequitable integration speak for the rest of us. The majority of us at RAH want to see some sort of fair meshing of our lists. No one wants to lose seniority, but we all recognize that we will have to in some way. Please just tolerate the few errant emotional outbursts you may hear.

Now, here is the reason why I posted this thread...


(assuming the RAH/F9 bankruptcy plan is approved..)

Please understand that you are coming onto our property at a time that gives us all GREAT OPPORTUNITY! You will have the potential to shape and vote on the RAH CBA. If we can move through the integration process quickly, you can become voting members of our newly grown pilot group. You can put a stop to continued low wages. You can reject a TA that does not represent your value and experience.

RAH pilots want to advance our industry. Since the last contract, nearly 1800 new pilots have been hired at RAH. many of the junior pilots here have worked at other part 121 carriers. We are not just a bunch of wet ink flight instructors with big jet envy, despite what the actions of our management will have you think.

Our union local has seen major changes recently. The leadership that gave us at RAH the image of being toothless and spineless has been cut, and replaced by far more skilled trustees that want to redefine the power of the Teamsters. These new trustees want to hear your inputs for our new contract. You at Midwest and Frontier can actually have your voices heard at this union. The pilots want more, and you can help us achieve it!

We are not uneducated, on the whole. Through jets for jobs programs, we at RAH have had the opportunity to fly with mainline pilots and to learn how weak our contract is. We see what potential we have. With your help, we can all work towards a better future.

I know how bitter the integration process will be for all involved. We will all be told how unreasonable the other side is. But in the end, cooler heads will prevail. Midwest and Frontier pilots, you can get fences to protect your flying. You can get some sort of longevity recognition in regards to pay. You will not all end up on the street while RAH pilots take all of your jobs. Integration will not work that way. Any arbitrator will surely make sure the pain is felt equally. And we at RAH know that you will not agree to anything less than equal suffering.

So go ahead and be angry. Be spiteful. Those are obvious first and second reactions. I can wait for the dust to settle. I can look past your initial reactions and see how you feel as begin to look forward again. Let's try to end up fighting at each other's side for something that benefits all of us, instead of fighting each other. I know grudges will be harbored for entire careers, but lets keep those between us as men and women, and not let RAH management pit us against each other.

Step one: lets get onto one seniority list. Work with us, and we can be stronger before we finalize our new CBA.

Step two: Vote together for a truly respectable contract. Get the pay and work rules you have been accustomed to.

Step three: learn to live together, and learn from each other in the cockpit. We all bring a lot of different histories to the table. We can all become better pilots from this.

Many of us have called for consolidation. Well, here it is, though not the way we expected it. But, we will have one seniority list for FIVE operating certificates (six, if Lynx comes on with us, too). We can be a very powerful force! The reach of our union will be significant. While Teamsters is our current union, we at RAH are playing wait and see with the new trustees. If they fail us like the previous leaders did, then we are all ready for new representation. You could be ALPA again. Or we can form an in-house union. Either way, we can rock the boat together, or just drown fighting each other.

Please join us if business makes us co-workers. Let's fight together. Let's not go after one another, but rather go after the contract we deserve. Then, with better pay, we can work out our differences at the bar over a few tall brews.
I just can't see the NMB allowing the merging of lists of 2 majors with 1 regional. This would set a terrible president to allow regional pilots not having to be stapled to a mainline list.
I just can't see the NMB allowing the merging of lists of 2 majors with 1 regional. This would set a terrible president to allow regional pilots not having to be stapled to a mainline list.

The Frontier RJ pilots should be merged with the Republic RJ pilots.

There should be a provision for a flow up or flow down from the Frontier
A-320 operation.
But it wouldn't be fair to the Frontier and Midwest pilots. Most of those guys/gals have already served there sentance at the regionals. Why shouldn't they go to the front of the new combined list?

i'll play devil's advocate here, and ask why should frontier and midwest get better treatment for simply working for a failed company?
I'm guessing an Alabama state school education.........

I'm assuming that you are trying to insult me. Hover the jokes on you. The spellchecker hasn't brought up anything misspelled in awhile for my post's. Besides, spelling or grammar doesn't mean squat when it comes to flying ability.

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