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Hey Sully, Eat This!

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Where do you people come up with this stuff? Sully never said anything you accuse him of. I have met Captain Sullenberger and he is an upstanding individual who treats everyone with the same kindness, generosity and respect!
So some guy who doesn't know how get dressed without mommy managed to hit the ocean with his four seater after running out of gas. Wow, I'm impressed. Should stick to delivering pizzas.
Thanks to Sully for doing the St. Jude's Children's Hospital commercial. As a parent of a child with lukemia, I sincerely appreciate his effort to direct attention to this worthy organization.
Ummm,,, yeah,,,

So let me get this straight. The weather is crap at his destination. So, as his plane runs out of fuel, he decides landing in the water in an area unknown and hoping the plane doesn't come apart on him then drown his sorry carcass is SOMEHOW better than following the approach all the way to its termination on centerline then continuing with the same course and sink rate until the plane touches down.

At least with plan B, you're in a relatively-flat controlled area of the airport with CFR right there to help you after the plane comes to a stop if you bend it, and if you have an ILS, there's a d**n good chance you'll land without a scratch.

But no, let's go swimming with the sharks, because my body is just THAT SEXY that it NEEDS to be in the water...

Yeah, Good call. Not. :EPIC FAIL:

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