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Hey Mesaba drivers!

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Active member
Aug 17, 2002
Just wondering if there are any Mesaba people out there who have an inside scoop?? I was hired and placed in the pool in July 2001 and had a class date of Oct.1 2001 that is until 9/11. Tyson Brugger did a nice job of keeping us up to date until about 4 months ago. There was about 18 of us or so that remained in the pool until classes could be assigned. I know things right now are not great at Mesaba with NW giving more lines to Pinnacle and contract negotiations and such. I'm just curious if the pool still exists or if they canned it. I have not been able to get a reply from Tyson, she may not even work there for all I know. If anyone knows any thing at all drop me a line. Thanks in advance.
I'm on the same list as you with an Oct 1 start date. Can't get anyone to call me back either. I talked to one Mesaba pilot that said there were rumors of another furlough. Let me know if you hear anything.
All there is for right now is rumor rumor rumor. That is the good news. The bad news is that all the rumors really suck!!!

If I was just starting out...... I'd try like hell to get on with somebody else. You'd be crazy not to!!!

Good luck to you guys... I know that it really sucks to be in the dark. I hope that it works out for you.

Thanks for all your info guys...it is greatly appreciated. Yes I pretty much have given up on a call from Mesaba and have been applying elsewhere: aca, air willy, skywest, pinnacle. Good luck to all of you
I got in the pool too #17. Talk to Scott two weeks ago Tyson is gon your new contact is terry Fierke Tel. 612-727-6728. He said thing aren't looking good right now, probably because of the contract so we are problably gonna be stuck in the pool for another year. On the other hand my body got hired 2 month before i did and got recalled he' been flying 90 a month so things cant be that bad. the rumor is that they are looking to furlough 200 pilots.
I was in the first group to be furloughed. I am now one of eight furloughees. Let me tell you - the management at Mesaba have been a pain in the rear ever since.(I've kind of been uninformed most of the time and when I do get info from them, they always tell me something one time and something totally different another time) They just kind of left us hanging more or less. Try ACA. I just got on with them and start next month.

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