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GTA/Dallas Alum

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Well-known member
Jan 11, 2005
Anyone want to check in here after working for GTA? They got my career started and I tried to go back to fly for them after a lay off and only lasted three weeks. Now I am flying a G2 and a King Air for a billionaire. I worked for GTa a full year 2000-2001. The gave me a 1500 going away check. Thanks GTA for my 2nd thousand hours.
Flew the Bonanza and Baron for Doug and Bonnie from 10/98 thru 10/99. Pay was horrible but if you went in taking it for what it was worth - strictly a time-building stepping stone, then you were miles ahead of everyone else. Surprised they've lasted as long as they have.
I must have just missed you, I started 12/99.
PAX, AMerican eagle assistant chief pilot, maricio, frenchie, some of the guys I remember
When who bent up the baron? PM if necessary.
I was there from 2000-2001, went to Ameristar for a couple years, flew Hawker's & a Kingair 300 for a corporation in East TX until a couple years ago, and went to USA 3000 on the A320 where I'm now furloughed.

I loved that airplane. I flew for Doug & Bonnie in the summer of 95
out of NM, 'till Circus Air took the contract. Back then GTA was a
great deal and they treated me well, I remember Doug being a hand-
shake is a handshake type of guy.................How are they doing

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last I heard they were just hanging on. Still making it but not the biz it used to be.

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