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Former Freedumb A lister gets booted...

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Jul 4, 2002
A former Freedumb Air "A" lister got booted from his latest job at Republic recently. After bragging about "...makin' it in when no one else did..." to everyone in the crew room during a Cat IIIA day in DEN last year. Nice work for a Cat I airplane. A concerned pilot brought it to the attention of the right people and the FAA did the right thing. This clown was also the one who managed to make headlines as the one who's runway incursion at LAX last year was a real PR coup. In a previous life, after an unsuccessful Comair career, he was canned from Mesa after Freedumb took him from ERJ FO (and passed over HUNDREDS of seniority numbers of pilots) who, after THREE TRIES. and got sent BACK to ERJ FO....and couldn't pass a requal ride in a airplane he was FO on for a couple years! He personally cried to JO that he was being unfairly treated because of his prior Freedumb experience for not being able to requal. I think it had more to do with him showing uo for the Oral in an undershirt and worn out uniform pants, but thats just me.... JO threatedned the training department and for a THIRD requal ride, supervised by the Feds, who mercifully ended his Mesa days. There is a silver thread through all of this. Every Former Freedumb Air clown has garnered very little respect since showing their real colors......nice to know its worked out so well....:uzi:
Wow!!! He's running out of regionals..
He never worked for Comair, but was also fired from Eagle and Pinnacle.

This guy wasn't an instructor at Riddle as well, by any chance, was he?
Coming to a GoJet near you.
Heard he's interviewing over in south Africa now...for some Nigeria airline flying 190's...god help them!

Actually its a cat II aircraft.
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He sure was. He deserved all of this just from his actions while employed there.

I believe I know who you're referring to. He's not from the US. I never did a checking a event with him, but I have friends that have had the horror.
Puzzling. How/why would Republic hire him after he was dismissed by so many other regionals? Are they that desparate? Do they do background checks anymore?????

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