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FLOPS Strike ballots are being sent out !!!

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Mar 30, 2002
Negotiations failed to reach a TA today.
Monday September 21 strike ballots go out.

I vote YES !!!!!!!
2nd vote for yes. And I know of 25 others in my circle that I don't know if they post here, but you can count them in.
Great idea, lets strike! We should work with our partners at Netjets and strike at the same time they are issued hundreds of furloughs and thousands in concessions. If we plan it correctly, we can all be out of work for the holidays. I'm in!
You know what. I am so fed up with this industry. I say we bring them to their knees. How about ALL pilots EVERYWHERE strike on the SAME DAY. If it were only possible. No planes in the air, anywhere. Until we started getting paid and treated like professionals again. And I say this as a NetJets pilot. Yes, I do well if you compare me to FOs at most other majors/regionals/fracs/blahblahblahs, but is that saying much? NO! We deserve better for what we do, period.

Go getem guys!!!! It's ABOUT TIME!
Have my old uniform and more than willing to help "WALK THE LINE."

Hopefully those left can finally see the light ... The company never had any intention of negotiating in good faith ... Please shown them what they deserve.
I don't think this is any big surprise. The management is just playing it out until the very end. Once the strike vote is done the company will know whether the pilots really have the balls to shut the place down or not and will then know whether to come to the table in Oct prepared to negotiate.

Come on people, lets put some muscle behind our negotiators next month. Vote YES.
I'm in.

Love the "spin" the company put on this weekly announcement

I love the part about us going into the busy sales season and the new PR campaign coming out.( same time as the strike vote PR campaign)

I wonder how the customer who just bought a Jetpass card 48 hours after seeing the Ad will react after he hears about the strike vote? ( I am sure that NJ, CS and Flex salesmen will spread the news)
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