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Ever flown with Captain Queeg?

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I assume

You are referring to Queeg from "The Caine Mutiny" right?

To answer your question, I have never flown with anyone near that bad. I've flown with a-holes and a couple near incompetents before (it's amazing that they are usually one and the same) and you basically deal with them by staying as coldly professional as you can.
I've met some Queegs, in all branches of avitaion.

"...mental disabliltyis a relative thing. Captain Queeg was a very strict disciplinarian, and extremely meticulous in hunting down the smallest matters, and quite insistent in having his own way in all things. He was not the easiest person in the world to reason with." --Lt. Thomas Keefer, The Caine Mutiny

Now who's never flown with somebody like that?

By the way, The Caine Mutiny contains the best CRM advice I've ever read. (See below)
I've never flown with someone with all of his disorders, but I did fly with a guy we called Panic Boy. That guy had to have the worlds strongest sphincter muscles. This guy would panic when he would pull into a parking spot. His reputation got so bad that we would bid around him. Yep there are all types. Old Yellow Stain, we had him!:D
Capt. Queeg

I can't say that I have, but I sure enjoyed watching The Caine Mutiny on TCM last Sunday!

I read the book at least three times in high school and read the play as well.

Good thread-starter. :)
Of course there are no lousy FO's out there, they are all much better than the Captains:)
How about a new thread, Have you ever flown with a "Right seat Captain":D
It's a shame we can't bid around some of them.
Sort of reminds me of what Len Morgan, the great airline writer for many years at Flying magazine once wrote, the only thing worse than a copilot that has never been a captain is a captain that has never been a copilot!
I'd rather be the @sshole in the left seat than the @sshole that sits to his right.

Briefing - CA to FO

"CRM = this is a Crew, you are the Resource, I am Management. Any questions?

Just kidding guys. Smile.

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