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Emergency landing turns Stupid

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Well-known member
Jun 4, 2005
Hey you will love this. Yesterday we had a Cessna 210 make an emergency landing on the road in front of Baton Rouge metro without any damage because he ran out of fuel. Now today he tried to take off from the same road and crashed into a 18 wheeler. Talk about pushing your luck. It should be on the newswire sometime today.
Poor guy, think someone's tryin' to tell him something. Hope to heck he's gettin' out of aviation before he kills one of us!
Aww, man. Talk about misjudging. I'd hardly classify that as a crash, he'd hardly started rolling.

Yes, he apparently clipped a mirror off the 18-wheeler parked off to the right side of the road. Why didn't he have the 18-wheeler and the fire truck move first?

Tsssk, tsssk.

Another human capable of mistakes. I'm so glad WE'RE not human, too.


Howabout this one:

18+ years ago, I made an engine out landing in a 172, due to a pushrod tube seal coming loose and all the oil blew out.

Fixed that problem, but 2 weeks later, it did it again, only this time with my father was at the controls and further from the AP (10-15 mi), so he flies it until he throws a rod, but makes it to a highway.

Calls a mechanic to come take the wings off and tow it in and leaves it on the side of the highway with the highway patrol.

The mechanic gets a couple of young guys to do that, but instead...they pour 8 quarts in it and take off.

They made it the distance, but threw a hole in the side of the engine 3" in diameter.

The new engine ran like a champion........
What an idiot....He deserves to be made a fool of on TV for being such a retard....Pull his ticket and keep him out of the sky!

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