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EJA & FSI deal...

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Nov 25, 2001
Has anyone heard about a tentative deal between EJA and FSI in Vero Beach to hire their students? Word is (rumors from FSI) that the deal is nearly done.

EJA pilots: Any opinions??


I have not heard that, but if I do hear anything I will post it hear. As for my personal opinion......I doubt it. Not to bad mouth the FSI-Vero Beach folks, but there are plenty of highly qualified people on furlough out there that are trying to get in at EJA.


Have to say when I heard about this, I thought there wasn't a hope in hell of it happening. But I've seen the proposed course structure and sylabus, flight times, ground school, etc.

Not much has officially been said but I have it from a very relaible source that IT IS going to happen. Something to remember is that anyone who goes through the course isn't going to be in anything other than the Ultra for at least 2 years.

Guess miracles do happen!!
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So let me get this straight....

After going to a school I was planning on attending anyway, I "get stuck" flying a Citation Ultra for Executive Jet, an innovative growing company that I could easily spend a career at, for at least two years?

Where's the downside?

Sign me up!



Don't get carried away too soon! From what I've heard EJA are going to want a lot higher times than ASA wanted. Which means that you may well have to work as an instructor to get the mins. Oh and it's going to cost about $20,000 on top of getting everything at FSI.
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ahhh....that's okay

I never planned on doing the "direct track" thing...

The risk of furlough without time/experience/CFI-I-MEI was too great for my blood even before 9/11 !

I was gonna do it the quasi-old fashioned way...instruct...build hours...get interview! Hey, if FSI wanted to pay for the CFI-I-MEI in exchange for a promise of 800 paid hours as an instructor (mostly multi time) then arrange an interview with ASA at the end of it, I'm willing to slide a few numbers back on the seniority escalator for a little piece of mind, free certificates, and a bunch of multi time. Oh, and not PAY $20K, too!!!

I'll be disappointed if this goes through, as I have already "paid" several years of experience, along with a tremendous sum of money in the hopes of being hired at EJA. Now, I'll have to call Alan, uproot myself to Vero, pay another $20k, and HOPE that I can get in? Sheesh!
I hope this won't mean that the rest of us are cut cut out of the loop....

Tell you what, guys. I'll call him today and find out the scoop, from his end.

I can understand what you mean. When I heard about it my first thought was that there was no way it would happen. Why would you want to take low time pilots with no commercial experience, even as instructors. Especially in the current climate, when there are a bunch of more qualified, more experienced pilots out there who would jump at the chance.

I think the reasoning is that FSI and EJA are both part of the same company and could help each other out. Part of the sales pitch to prospective students is that "Do your training at FSI, become an instructor and you'll get a job quicker". Well, right now that's not happening. All the instructors are in limbo and the pool of budding instructors is building by about 10 every month. If they don't find something for their instructors to move onto, then it doesn't exactly create an optimistic picture for prospective students. As far as EJA are concerned, they need 700 pilots next year and maybe feel the Ultra is something a "low" time pilot could manage. Leaving the more experienced pilots to fly the bigger equipment.

I won't even go into the amount FSI outlayed for the ASA program and the SAAB 2000 sim that's not being used right now.

P.S. if the Alan you're refering to is AH, good luck at getting an honest answer.
You're a sharp guy! No, that isn't the Alan I'm talking about, but I DO know who you mean, he's a Nascar fan, right?
Actually, I did a little unscheduled ground school today, and got in a little "actual" with an instrument student who is just about ready for his checkride. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to call the OTHER Alan tomorrow. I just hope that I can still get in with EJA without spending ANOTHER $20k. For that, I'd expect a type rating in a G-IV. :)
The rumor that I have heard while flying the line with EJA is:

EJA will buy a buttload of 6 seat jets. The kind that the nimbus group ordered 1000 of. (I forget the name of the jet) They will use these with FSI grads and an instructor to transport EJA crews around the country. That means no more airlining to pick up an airplane.

That is only a rumor I have heard.


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