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Eagle Hiring Plans

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Jun 10, 2002
FYI .... was in the audience for a speech by Eagle's chief pilot recently. He claimed that they still have 100 pilots on furlough and expects the last of those pilots to be recalled by March of 2003. That is of course assuming they all stick around waiting until then, which is unlikely. Only AFTER they have been offered recall notices will they be opening up their doors to new hires. Based on my understanding of the current market, I'd guess the last of the Eagle pilots that have chosen to wait for a recall notice will be called back late this fall or early this winter. May mean new class openings in December.

Also, they are continuing to take delivery of two new RJ's a month for the next several years. There are eventual plans to retire their SAAB's (nothing official yet) however the ATR's are in service indefinitely. Bottom line is they will continue to increase their fleet size each month for the immediate future and he was very confident that once they are back on track financially, they will be able become very competitive in terms of new hires.
As a AA/TWA furloughee, it bugs the heck out of me to hear that Eagle is expanding while 700 AA guys are on furlough. Two new jets a month while AMR may be grounding some MD80s here in STL. That sure is convenient isn't it? Why recall a guy and pay him $100 per hour when they can pay some Eagle FO $25 per hour to essentially do the same thing. Sorry - just venting some frustration here. Hopefully, AA and Eagle will get all the furloughees back and start hiring again.
I'm sure it is frustrating however it certainly isn't unique to AA. Lots of regionals are currently or are getting ready to hire .... Shuttle America (US Airways), Pinnacle (Northwest), Comair (Delta), ACA (United), etc. I didn't think about it before now but the only majors I know of that are hiring (Southwest & Alaska .... Spirit to a lesser extent) are also the only ones that don't have any regional carrier affiliation!
Last time I checked AE had 304 pilots on furlough. I know many will not be coming back. If the chief pilot doesnt even know how many pilots his company has on the street, I would take all his other info with a grain of salt.
Being one of the furloughed Eagle pilots, I can tell you that the original post is way off base.

JP11 hit the nail on the head. Eagle hasn't recalled a single pilot yet and probably won't for a while.
Speech was given at a flight academy that has an agreement to send reduced-time pilots to them upon graduation. I wonder why he would say they have 100 currently on furlough if in fact the number is closer to 300. Perhaps he was only counting crew that are still actively waiting to be recalled (i.e. is it possible that up to 200 of those have jumped S.S. Eagle totally since the initial pink slip?).

You must go to ATA. I would definitely take everything you hear with a grain of salt. They are really trying to keep students there right now. They will pretty much say anything right now. Eagle has a really good relationship with the Williams boys and I wouldn't be suprised if they weren't blowing a little smoke on the Williams behalf. 100 just wouldn't make any sense. Especially if Ken Oz........ is still working there as an admissions counselor. I don't know if he's still there but if he is, that should have been the first indicator that there are many that are still on the street. Congratulations to the 12 guys that got picked up by ACA though.

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