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Displaced Capt. at ASA

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Active member
Aug 27, 2004
What is better the 50 or 70? Can't really tell if there will be more 3 days on the 50 or not. Looked like the 70 is mostly 4 day trips. The difference in pay for the month to be even would be 2 more hours of 50 flying than 70. Is there more to pick up on the 50? 70? Any help?
Hard to say. Are the payrates vastly different? A better schedule (more block) may be able to make up the difference from the 700.

Honestly, the line values seem to fluctuate from month-to-month.

Another way is to bid a line that leaves integration days open which scheduling will most likely use on you.

As far as open time goes, hard to pick up a trip when you have a 4-on, 3-off line, and the open time pot is littered with 4-day trips.
700 is a much better airplane, the trips in general aren't quite as good, not as many days off but the destinations are somewhat better. It looks like there will be about 40 of the displacements coming down, so take that into consideration depending on where you fall in the list.
I'll be bidding the 70 just to spice things up a little bit. Plus I may have told a couple of our A**hole 50 seat captains to F**k off once I upgraded thinking I would never have to fly with them again ;-)
Sure, let me help...since your brothers and sisters will be on the street why would you pick up overtime?

Probably because he'll be losing 15K-20K per year and won't be able to feed his kids, I'm just saying...
We sure are a conceited pilot group to think all the FI threads should be about ASA.

That's funny but you're right. I get angry when I open up FI for my daily fill and there's no post for ASA (rarely happens though)!

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