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Coolest place anyone has flown into?

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Feb 26, 2002
I was curious to hear some of the cool places you've flown into.

I worked at Eagle before being furloughed and was based out of San Juan. I saw some pretty cool places. The funnest airport I flew into was on the Island of Dominica. The airport sits in the bottom of a canyon right on the ocean. The runway runs parralell with the canyon and ends right on the beach. Because of the terrain, you can only land heading out towards sea. A go around would be almost impossible if you tried to approach it going inland.

You don't actually see the airport until you turn onto final. So to get to final you use landmarks to set the approach up. I only flew in there twice and both times we set up on an extended base. The captain did the landings. He aimed for a shack up on top of a ridgeline and started to turn onto final about the time we crossed over it. I don't know how high AGL we were above it but your close, and descending. About that time the runway starts to come into view down at the bottom of the canyon. He pulled the power levers back to flight idle and we settled down into the canyon and followed it down to the runway.

The thing that impressed me the most was how beautiful the approach was. On both sides of you are lush, green canyon walls. You are literally right down in the canyon. The view in front of you is the runway with the tropical ocean right behind it.

If I remember right all new captains have to fly in there with a check airman during their IOE. I also heard that a cargo company use to take a 727 in there. The runway isn't that long either. I think it's just over 5,000 feet.

Anyways, anyone else got anything to share?
Roatan, Honduras

Flew in there in a Metro to drop off replacement rotor blades for Paul Allen's MD900 that was on the back of his yacht anchored there. We navigated across the gulf of mexico using a handheld GPS- it was a little spooky but it worked. Got to stay in huts ON the beach for only 1 night. My only regret is not breaking the airplane so we could stay longer. ;)
Your right about the 727 in Dominica. I saw a 727 there once but unfortunately it had 2 blown tires. They also used to fly them into St. Vincent....pretty scary if you ask me. If I had to choose a favorite airport/place I've been to, it would be Exuma, Bahamas or my base at the end of a trip:)
Has anyone present actually flown into that infamous airport in St Maarten (sp?)? Has anyone flown in a similar sitch?

I just got back from Oahu where I rented a C172 out of HNL. I flew up the coastline past Diamond Head and over the Marine base. From there we proceeded to fly up and down some of the moutain valleys at about 500AGL. There were the typical cumulus clouds obscuring the tops of the mountains and we passed through some saddles at "500 ft below" the bottoms of the clouds. Some of the footage for Jurrasic Park was filmed in these valleys (some on Maui as well). The craggy peaks/thick luscious jungle combo has to be seen to be believed. That was the best $140 I have spent. Seeing some humpback whales surfacing by Twin Peaks just made it that much better.
St. Maarten

Eagle also flies into St. Maarten. I flew in there quite a few times but never actually saw the Air France 747 land. It was there on the ramp once while I was there but that was it. The beach is right off the approach end of the runway.

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