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comair lay-offs

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Well-known member
Oct 16, 2005
I just read in louisville paper that Comair is going to layoff 1000 employees about 14% it didn't say anything spefic about pilot furloughs. Good luck to the Comair guys and gals
Oh,....if it was in the newspaper, then it must be true!
For sure

I heard the same news on Fox News as reported by Neil Cavuto on this past Friday. He must not fly Comair much because he pronounced it funny. He called it Delta's 'CO-Mare' division.

God be with you guys and you families.

cosmotheassman said:
I read 200-440 pilots laid off total and they will begin in January with voluntary retirements then the laying will begin..
Comair currently has approximately 1900 pilots. Comair currently has a fleet of 174 CRJ aircraft. That is a pilot to airplane ratio of 11 pilots for each airplane.

If that ratio is maintained, 30 parked airplanes equals 330 pilots gone. It also equates to fewer flight attendants and fewer mechanics needed. I don't know their ratios.

Comair has stated it will reduce its fleet by 30 50 seat CRJs The first 11 will come out of service on December 1st. I would expect the other 19 will be coming out of service shortly after the first of the year. The math is pretty simple. But 30 CRJ's has been given as a hard number in the most recent public information.
actually, the only "hard" number so far is 11 will be parked in December, they "may" park up to 30 in future. These numbers are from the lieing wankers in ATL and the GO,yes the same ones who said Delta would not go bankrupt, the same ones who wrote the contracts they could not fulfil, so believe what ever you like.
Talked to Fred yesterday,
He said what he has always said about the 11 on Dec 1st due to the smaller sched. The rest he didn't have a time line for. The only good news was that they won't furlough until after the holidays. Sounds like we'll be fat for Christmas.

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