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Feb 20, 2002
I just sent my resume to Citationshares and was curious about the company.

Is it a good place to work?

what are the upgrade times?

Do they require seniority resignation from furloughed pilots?

What kind of training contract do they have?

What are the long term prospects?

Thanks in advance

Citationshares is absolutely a first class company to work for. Plain and simple.

As far as upgrade times...here are the hiring requirements right off the website. Keep in mind that there is currently no seniority system at CS...all promotions are done on a merit basis...pretty neat stuff.
Pilot Employment Requirements

CitationShares requires the following minimum flight qualifications for pilot employment consideration. If you wish to submit your qualifications, please click here .

ATP AMEL & FAA First Class Medical
4000 Total Time
3000 Multiengine (fixed-wing)
2000 Multiengine PIC
1000 Turbine
500 Turbine PIC
500 Jet PIC
Currency: 300 Hrs. Last 12 Months

First Officer

ATP AMEL & FAA First Class Medical
2000 Total Time
1500 Multiengine (fixed-wing)
750 PIC
500 Turbine
Currency: 200 Hrs. last 12 Months

CitationShares offers the following Pilot Base locations :


CitationShares pilots must reside within ninety minutes of their Pilot Base.

I can tell you that everyone from dispatch up to the CEO are top quality people fiercely dedicated to providing the best quality product to the customer. That is the goal, and everyone is focused like a laser on that goal.

If you can contribute to this environment, then you will love working at CS.
upgrades based on merit = buddy system and politics

I had a friend interview recently. At 7,000 hrs he was told he could take an FO position and the upgrade times were very slow.

They do hire street captains if they are typed and current so upgrading with their "merit" based system may take 10,20,30 yrs or never.

My take is if you can get on as a Captain its a great job. As an FO youll get screwed due to lack of a seniority based upgrade system and their practice of hiring of street captains. After all why spend $15,000 typing one of your own FOs when a street captain is free.

The upside is there is a rumor they may be bought by Flight Options which would fix all of the above. The way the industry is going CitationShares and FlexJef will eventually be merged with another company question is who.
Believe me, at our company, the opportunities for FO's are many. When they reach the point where they are eligible based on time requirements and performance, and are recommended by a Captain and evaluated by a Standards Captain, they are given an upgrade.

I am not in Management at CS, just a line pilot. What I can tell you is that when you have a company that is growing and thriving like CS is right now, and aircraft are being added constantly, you need Captains that can go right into a seat and get the job done. Sometimes it is necessary to hire a Captain...but the inference that they do it because it is cheaper is not true.

I know of one instance where a person was hired to fly the Bravo that had 2000 hours of Ultra time as a Captain with a Corporate operator and they still sent him to initial. That aint cheap... They do everything the right way, not the cheapest way.

Flydog, I dont know what happened with your friend, but give us more details and specifics. You said he had 7000 hours...in what?

There are many upgrades that take place from within. The company has a very detailed evaluation system to determine level of performance from many aspects. Therefore, there is no set answer to the question of "how long will it take me to upgrade?" That depends on your performance, your experience, and how well you provide top level service to your passengers.

Believe me, this is a great company...one of the best. Maybe not one of the biggest...YET...but watch.

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Having started with StarShares and continuing on with CitationShares I can say everyone goes thru initial training, regardless of experience. As far as type ratings go I was not only typed in the Bravo I also received my ATP!. I’m sure this doesn’t occur anymore do to the new hiring mins/certs. I was very fortunate.

I agree with “JETZ” that CS is an outstanding company. I’ve seen it grow from a fractional turboprop operation to our current fleet of CJ1’s/Bravo’s and Excels.

Lack of a seniority system does scare some folks yet I remember when the “merit based” system came out a senior Captain said to me “just do your job and you’ll be all right.

There is something to be said about wisdom… Be confident about your performance and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Every pilot is evaluated based on flying/customer service. That’s why we are here.

As far as “Flydog’s” post goes an interview is an interview…Everything is evaluated. Not just flight time. If your friend really wanted to work for CS then he/she should have taken the FO slot and then shown the company how good they were…then upgraded.

As far as being bought out by Flight Options I hope it never happens. I’ve visited their message board several times…The overall tone is negative.

As far as “Jbhootr’s” questions go…

Upgrade is merit based…Chief Pilot Sharon is or was developing criteria to meet.

Resigning your seniority number…If it was my company I wouldn’t spend money on you only to have you leave when the “Big Show” called you back. What would you do if it were your company?.

No training contracts as far as I know yet I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

Long term I’d say very well.

A good company to work for?…Let me tell ya!!!.

I’ve flown King Air 90B’s/200’s and the Bravo, got a type and an ATP!.
7 on/7 off. Great equipment/Great people and good pay.

I’ve spent the last 6 months recalled to active duty in support of operation “Enduring Freedom”. Told by senior leadership (USAFR) not to expect to be released “anytime soon”!.

Last week the CEO of CitaionShares calls my home to make sure my wife and I are doing O.K. Reassures me that I will have my job and that the company supports my participation in the Air Force Reserves. Leaves his “home phone” number with instructions that my wife is to call him with any problems while I’m deployed overseas.

I have a job because of this man and he takes time out of his day to support me and offers to take care of my family while I’m away!

A good place to work…YOU BET!!!.
Payscale at CS

Captains start at 64K, F.O's at 35K. Overtime is available at $350 per day for Captains, and not sure what the FO overtime rate is. Increases and year-end bonuses are on a merit basis.

As far as expenses, everything is covered. Meals are covered thru the per-diem system. Hotel and transportation and some other miscellaneous expenses are reimbursed on a monthly basis.

Again, CS is really a first class operation in every respect. Pay rates are very competitive with the rest of the industry, if not at the top of the Fracitonal pay scale. Benefits are generous and solid. 401K is available with a company match. Health insurance, vision, dental, loss of license insurance is all available with minimal contribution by the employee.

It's all good.

Question to all CS Guys & Galls

To anyone who might know,
I was looking into CS awhile ago but the only domicile was HPN. Not that westchester isn't nice, but I like options. Now that there is a choice of domiclies, I'm much more interested. But first, when did they grow in number? What's the deal of choicing where you're based, or do you just get to choose. Is there any possibilty of new ones, preferably west coast? Also, are they going to look into more fleet types? I'm personnally at a professional crossroads. Stay where I am, which is a nice job but not exactly where I want to possibly retire from, or take a risk and try something new. Like any gamble the potential benefits are huge, but like any gamble, if you can't afford to lose then you shouldn't play. Before I send in any app I like to know the ground rules. Any help would be great by forum/private message/or e-mail. Thanks.

[email protected]

I'm not a career counselor, but my gut feeling is that you are flying the ERJ135 / 145...that sounds like some good experience you are getting. Your time is relatively low...I would say stay where you are and make Captain and fly the line for a few years at least. I know about that 2000 hour itch, but you are flying jets already. Unless you are miserable where you are, stick it out and build up that time. With your time, it will be difficult if not impossible to get hired by any fractional that I know of.

On the other hand, I know some people that would long to be in the position you're in right now.

If you look at my previous posts, I cannot say enough good stuff about CS. I think you can choose any domicile and get it right now, but Im not in mgmt so that is not the official answer. There will be more opening up in the future...not sure of the time frame, but it will be soon.

Hang in there and keep building that Jet time!

BY the way, that is a cool jet you are flying, Jay. Does that have the Primus 1000 EFIS system?


Yea it does, it's a real sweet setup and I have to admit that glass can be addicting. The draw back is that Honeywell screwed up the integration with this plane somehow. The AP tracks the LOC like steve wonder drives a hummer, bouncing from one side of the curb to the other. With any cross wind the FD is all over, and 9/10 it's much smoother hand flying it either looking "through" the FD or just going raw data - even though it's all glass. But at least I think my approach skills are still sharp since you really have to hand fly them all. Especially in icing. Whenever the ice probs pick up ice it automatically bumps up N1 for sufficient bleed air off the high stage (approx 60%N1). Net result 190 kts is about as slow as you can possibly go on 3.0 degree approach in ice with idle thrust unless you want to use the boards which no one does when your low with zero set power. Then as soon as the ice goes away, all your power drops out, so you kinda throttle joky a touch to maitain constant airspeed on approach. It's a real fun plane to fly though, and I really don't want to leave. But, more money, more time off, and not having to worry about commuting for the next 6+ years is really attractive. As far a CA upgrade goes, that's now slid to 4+ yrs seniority, if you're lucky, and then you won't hold a line till the end of your 5th year. And commuting to sit reserve in a crash pad is not my idea of a good time, also my wife's not keen on the existing bases. I know it's good to stay where I am, but I am trying to keep all of my options open. Also, I know you're right. Last year, the Frax were eagerly looking at just about anybody. Now they're swamped with apps from people a year ago would never consider leaving a 121 opp. Thanks for the input though.

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