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Chautauqua Pool

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Well-known member
Jan 25, 2002
Just wondering if anyone has any idea of many people are in the CHQ pool. And when all the furloughees will be recalled? When might the next new-hire class be? Providing there ever is one! Thanks in advance.

one of my former instructors was higherd by them.

left for class Sept 1st , good riddens to him stoping hitting your students in the arm when they make a mistake, left that school conair have flown a lot more no hitting. the small school has also taken away severial students and some instructors also...:D
I am in upgrade training right now at CHQ, and just heard today that there are 20 guys left to be rehired. I did not hear anything about when upcoming classes are, or how many there will be, so I do not know how quickly they will get them back and then start with the PU pool. The good news is that they are almost all hired back, so it should not be too long.
I think there might be a few more than 20 to recall. From the old senority list, #562-605 are still on the street. I dont know how many of those people are planning on comming back, but everyone in my class is going to. Ill post it here when the next class is announced. V1rotate sucks.
last time I talked to Alex O. about this, was about a month ago and he said that approximately 40 people were left on the callback list with an average of about 70% returning. I talked to him last week and he said that there weren't any plans yet for a class after the 6/3 class. That's all gonna depend on the company needs as AAC and AWA options are delivered. I know a lot of the "furloughees" would not have returned except that most were hired by wholly owneds and right now don't have much option except to return. Also, a lot will depend how J4J turns out, which is anyone's guess right now. For all of us waiting, I guess we can take solace in the fact that AAC and AWA sides are taking deliveries (I know that's gonna P!$$ the Eagle's guys off, but that's not my intent). Oh well, we'll make it eventually.


P.S. Ted, I gotta agree that V1rotate is sucking @$$ now that they got "premium" service and memberships. If I want "premium" service that i have to pay for, I can hit one of the local nudie joints.
To any CHQ pilots,
what do you think will happen from J4J? Do you think there will be any mainline USA pilots flying at CHQ?

good to all of you.
Just wanna clarify. There are no ADDITIONAL jets coming on the AA side. The 145 are being replced with the 140 -- tha't it! The former TWE 145 are coming to the HP side, so the only growth is on HP (Columbus).
As far as J4J goes, it doesn't look like it's going to happen for CHQ. Rumors are that Mesa will get lots of jets.

Take care.

Just checked the Embraer website and it says that Wexford has 38 firm EMB-145 orders and 15 firm EMB-140 orders. I do concede that delivery dates were not available, so I didn't find out when these firm orders are to arrive, if at all. This info was listed under a section for firm orders and I'm also not sure if that includes options or not, although I would think (and hope) not as it was listed under "firm orders." Then again with Wexford, who knows. I'm only passing along what was on the website.

Wexford...couldn't that also mean that Shuttle America is getting the jets?

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