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CAL/UAL Merger Done Next Week

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Contract 2020????
Aug 14, 2004
Can't find the link yet but basically a stock-for-stock deal with Tiltion as Chairman of the board and Smiseck as CEO.
Here we go.............


SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- UAL Corp.'s (UAUA 21.91, +0.20, +0.92%) United Airlines and Continental Airlines Inc. (CAL 21.90, +0.47, +2.19%) are considering a no-premium stock-for-stock merger, creating an entity valued at more than $6 billion, Bloomberg reported late Thursday on its Web site. UAL Chief Executive Glenn Tilton will serve as chairman while Continental CEO Jeff Smisek would be named CEO, the news service said, citing people familiar with the discussions. Bloomberg said the terms have not been finalized yet. UAL had been holding talks with US Airways (LCC 6.47, -0.08, -1.22%) on a possible deal but the talks had broken down, US Airways said earlier Thursday
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Sorry for CAL to hear that Tilton is staying. That guy could f-up a one car funeral.
No surprise here, Glenn gets his $50 million and an easy chairman job and Jeff gets to be the day to day manager. I was surprised that Chicago would be where the headquarters are, my bet was Houston with the United brand staying alive.
The CAL pilots have to approve this, and that means GO FOR A BIG PAY RAISE AND TIGHTEN SCOPE. Don't just go "for the Delta contract", go bigger, so the rest of us can go up too eventually down the road. Go for SWA pay or better. Good luck!

Bye Bye---General Lee
hey general...feelin the pressure aren't you...better get some new commercials

Pressure? No way. I just hope the CAL and UAL pilots don't squander this great opportunity. Hopefully they will get a JOINT contract first with a nice raise and protections, and then it will get interesting to watch the SLI. Where's the popcorn? Yup, where do you think you will end up?

Bye Bye--General Lee

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