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Best Regionals To Work For

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Jul 30, 2002
Just wondering what you guys & gals think are the top regionals to work for. Here are the criteria I'm talking about: Job security, pay, upgrade times, basically in the current volalite environment which companies are positioned the best for long term quality employment. I have my own ideas, but want to hear what everyone else thinks.
Seems to me that the regionals that are consistently ranked as the best are (in no particular order)

Air Wisconsin

This is just my observation from what I have seen on the board here. Realize that not everyone here will agree on these either. Its hard to label any one regional as the best since we are all looking for different things out of each. I might want to fly alot and make a bunch of money but someone else might just want a bunch of days off with the same pay. I would advise you to not base your decision on what others say is the best regional, do a little research and come to your own conclusions.

I suspect there is a really good argument for the best regional being the one that hires you. Decide where you want to live, what you want to fly, and how long you are willing to be away from home and go from there. I think that any of the companies on my list will be excellent candidates given your criteria. Hope it helps.

How about "the first one that offers you a class date." Swimming for Comair (~5mo) and ACA (~1wk) right now.

I second Twotter's list, though.

ACA, Comair/ASA, Air Wis, Skywest. The next level would be led by the ExpressJet types and bleed all the way down to some no namers.

I'll take my 17 day off schedule at ExpressJet any day over the "super senior" 14 day off scheduel that the ACA folks fall over themselves to get anyday. Got freinds at ACA, not sure I would put them above us. Comair, ASA, SkyWest, ok maybee. We are negotiating a new contract, we'll see where we fall after that. I don't think 5 jets a month (8 in OCT) is a bad place to be. 3000 pilolts by end of 03. The hiring will begin soon.

Sure we have CAL folks flying here, but thats the breaks. We also had 929 Express pilots get free jobs at CAL in the last 4 yrs. Got to take the good with the bad I guess.
ATRCA said:

"I'll take my 17 day off schedule at ExpressJet any day over the "super senior" 14 day off scheduel that the ACA folks fall over themselves to get anyday."

Care to compare W-2's?

If you quality of life, don't work for ACA. If you want money, work for ACA.
Sure, I'll compare.

At 13 months I made ATR Capt. That was 2nd year pay, $46.06 an hr. Granted, things have changed a bit, but with deliveries we will soon find ourselves back in that type of situation. We have 168 ERJ"s and taking 5 a month for the next two years. Its only a matter of time.

I have nothing against ACA, its a good company, I just don't like working more than 4 days at a time. A good freind of mine at ACA just went back to the training dept. because she hates the line schedules. I guess it depends on what your looking for, I'm personally all about days off. See yah.
How many pilots are still on furlough? You mentioned the "hiring will begin soon" Do you have any idea on what will be competitive?

Im at COEX and granted im pretty senior but i gotta tell ya, this is the best managment group i seen. Everyone gets along for the most part. I've seen Mng, cave on a lot of issues and do the right thing. But well see how this contract gos! I'm all about quality of life. The pay will come but as a ATR captain/check airman, i was taking home around 4k a month. The key is finding a good accountant to get back what the GOV takes. :) As far as growth..wow i've seen this company double in the 5 1/2 years i've been here and from projections are supposed to actually triple. We'll see. The only think i've learned in the airlines is that I know nothing and i dont believe anything until 3 months after its already happened.
My top three:

1- Air Wisconsin
2- Horizon
3- Express Jet
4- Skywest
5- ASA

That's funny, the regional that I work for didn't make the list. Hmmmmm.


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