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ASA Stuck on days off pay question

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Well-known member
Sep 8, 2003
So I got stuck in CRW on my 6th day, so that led into my 7th day which they can't actually work me. So now the dead head is out on the 8th day with 24hrs rest in CRW. The question is am I paid 150% for each of these days?
I'm no contract expert, but I would say yes. Of course, 150% of zero block hours on day 7 = 0, so you would still get paid 3.75 for that day. But for day 8 you would get 150% of the greater of schedule or block, on a per leg basis, OR 3.75 hours, whichever is greater. I could be wrong, but I don't believe min day credit ever gets multiplied.

By the way, that sucks!
I'm also no contract expert, but I'm afraid that you'll only get per diem for the day in the hotel. You are contractually, and legally from an FAR standpoint, 'off' and free from all possibility of work.

I don't have the contract with me to back this speculation up, however. It's worth a read.
I don't know about the pay, but I am pretty sure they owe you another day off. I can't remember exactly how it is written in the contract, but something about your days off will be in base.
First of all, they owe another day off. Have to have at least 11 off IN DOMICILE. And you should get your min pay because you away from domicile. I couldn't find anything about the 150% for the day. Only for a regular pilot not reserve did this come into effect.
And now we all know who you are.... better change your screen name before you start flaming WF or any of his cohorts! ;)
Obviously FI is the way to go. Post a question here, and it is answered in minutes. Post it on ALPA and it withers away on the vine with zero responses.
Yeah I don't really care if anyone knows who I am. I posted on the ALPA board and got nothing.
I ended up non-reving home on my own time instead of spending 24 hrs there. So I don't now know how that will effect the days off thing.

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