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AS Furlough Mitigation

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Angle Lakes Bitch
May 3, 2005
The ink isn't even dry and here comes the camel sticking his nose into the tent. In an effort to prevent additional furloughs and downgrades, the company out of the kindness of their heart, has offered us a way to POSSIBLY reduce furloughs and downgrades by significantly adjusting section 25. These adjustments will be in the form of major changes to the QOL and pay sections to our contract. All these changes DO NOT guarantee that these furloughs will not happen.

As with anything that requires a vote, I ask that you read the whole document. This is changing the lives of the entire group to again possibly save a very few. And anyone that thinks furloughs are coming hasn't been paying attention to the fact that we can't staff the airline. When the CP is sending out letters begging for pilots to fly overtime, you know there is a problem.

This last contract passed by 84%. It is time that the company AND the pilots start to live by that contract. Enough is enough. Vote NO. Get the 65 back first and then we can talk. We need to show unity now more than ever.
I think it looks pretty good. lines 75-80 max 83 RSV line is still 79 slight VSA change but who cares about that well some 62 year old but he is going to vote no anyways. If this goes through there will be no more furloughs. I fly 75 hours or as close as I can anyways whats the big deal help someone else out. This will be a close vote we have a lot of selfish people over here who will hid behind the "only 30 guys are being helped here" argument... sad.
What is wrong with it? All it will do is limit the amount that people can MAX out at. It will not change time off, Duty day, or QoL. As for the comment that it will not guarentee more furloughs, They will never agree to that. What if pax loads crash for some reason. No airline would ever promise that. This whole thing can go away if that happens anyway. Then the pilots that want to, can go back to thier whorish ways.

This program will terminate automatically if the Company elects to furlough while this program is in effect and both
parties do not agree to extend the program.
Furlough mitigation? Nope. Never heard of it.
The contract was JUST SIGNED. My guess is they aren't planning on those 30 furloughs anyway and want to scare the pilots into some short term concessions.

They are going to furlough. Make not mistake about it. They'll do it just to keep pressure on this pilot group.

With that said, as one with his head on the chopping block, I do not yet like the MOU that is going out to memrat to supposedly mitigate 30 of the 54 furloughs.

They want this pilot group to take a huge hit in QOL just to possibly/maybe save 30 FOs for the time being. Mgmt could come back, for example, and say they are going to furlough the 30 come January anyway.

There are too many strings attached to this furlough mitigation MOU. They are trying to get from us what they couldn't during contract negotiations. I'm not sure if we should give it to them, even if it's going to cost me and 53 others their jobs. I'm looking at this long-term.

These changes are supposed to be "temporary", but they will set a precedent and the company will want to make them permanent.

Plus, this MOU is going to do NOTHING to bring back the 60 who have been cut loose already.

Just some random thoughts... feel free to throw them rotten tomatoes at me.

voted yes.

time for us to step up and show the 60 and soon to possibly 54 that we give a shaet about their plight. time to share the pain even if we are going to keep our job, keep our base, and some semblance of quality of life.

Regardless of how you vote EVERYONE needs to vote. This demands a 100% turnout.

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