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Are SkyWest Pilots Hurting The Industry?

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Dec 15, 2004
This thread is not intended as flamebait. I would truly like to see some intelligent discussion to see how people view this real issue. Obviously with the degradation of the industry, there are causes. This may or may not be one of them. What do you think?

I am too lazy to write my opinion again, so here are my comments from another thread:

'When is everyone going to understand?! SkyWest pilots don't vote on anything...they don't have a union! Management dictates to their employees how it is going to be, period. Now, to make employees feel warm and fuzzy like they actually have representation, management talks to the pilot association SAPA which has no power, use a little vasoline, and voila...the pilots feel like they actually had some say in the matter. Then later on, everyone in the industry accuses them of selling out with some crappy contract which really doesn't exist.

So, lets repeat it together. SkyWest pilots didn't vote to fly 70/90 seaters for 50 pay rates. They voted many times to not have a union. That is were the problem lies. I know many great SkyWest pilots that would never want to screw other pilots at other airlines, but they just have absolutely no say in the matter. SkyWest management is very capable of doing all the screwing...enabled of course by a low cost labor group. They are low cost because they have no contract which is generally more expensive and helps raise the bar throughout the industry. With that fact, I believe it is an ongoing circle of screwing, and indeed if SkyWest management screws other pilots and airlines (not saying they do, just theoretically if they did or have or will), it is the pilots fault.'

Please don't turn this thread into trash talking! Just looking for real discussion.
The industry is hurting the industry.

Just wait it out.
BigHangar said:
I would truly like to see some intelligent discussion to see how people view this real issue.[\QUOTE]

On this board?

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Right......SkyWest is "hurting" the industry because they are non union......get a life dork.
It's not so much that SkyWest is hurting the industry, as it's hurting America. Stop....stop hurting America.

/Jon Stewart

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