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Anti-union letter from the IPJB.

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Well-known member
Dec 13, 2005
This was sent to me in order to keep ALPA off the property. Really? This guy is a whack. Since he didn't say to keep it private, I will share:

My friends at jetBlue:

You have received a voting link for the PVC election which opened yesterday. The outcome of this vote will significantly affect us all. If you have not already voted I ask you to carefully consider your decision prior to voting.

The stage is set for battle. Look at the list of candidates. Five want to continue working for you directly; of the other five, four are on the ALPA organizing committee and want to bring a third party to jetblue.

This will be a winner take all outcome. All ten candidates on the general ballot received block support to get there. The winners of this vote will most likely be their entire block or our five guys listed below. This is because ALPA’s organizing drive has forced us to do the same to have a chance of stopping the minority drive to take over the PVC and our way of doing business.

Look around you and be honest. Are you satisfied with where you are for the most part? Do you have all the rights, protections, benefits and compensation that you airline peers have? Have we achieved some significant gains to peer set or above? Do you believe that more gains are in process? Do you really believe that bringing ALPA in will solve all our problems?

My guess is that your answer will be similar to mine: In some areas we are above peer set, some areas below, and some areas still in process. However, we have made significant progress in many areas and have real progress pending in some of the remaining areas.

Is this direct relationship perfect? Not by a long shot. But I firmly believe that we can gain improvements easier and more quickly than if we have to go through an extended contract negotiation or wait for a lousy contract to expire.

I am asking you to support the five candidates below. They have all pledged to work only for you on the PVC. They bring outstanding skills and experience to the equation. None of them are anti-union. Most importantly, each of these guys has the personal integrity that so often is lacking in leadership positions. They are committed to finding timely solutions to some of the remaining issues we face.

Please take a moment to vote, and ask at least five of your jetblue friends to vote. If you do not, I can assure you that you will be handing your future over to others whose solution unfortunately is more problems.

Please block vote for Doug Grasley, Tony Yoder, Randy Meyer, Brian Perry, and Phil Ciani.

If ever there was a time to participate in your future, now is that time. The vote ends Oct 28th.

Thanks for your attention.

Randy Navarre

A-320 Captain JFK

Prior PVC Chairman
Do you ever see a HAWK fly with others? No, they usually fly alone... My kids pointed out what they said was a buzzard yesterday, but have you ever seen one fly alone? It was a hawk. Up there, all alone, stalking his prey. You see, they kill their prey-- buzzards only go after something already run over, like an armadillo...

I'm disheartened by what this union drive times two has done to this young company. No matter what happens, you're not going to unite this company of refugees with an organization (ALPA) that did not save their plight in the past. Sell it any way you want, but posts like your's only show the true colors of what didn't happen only a year ago when you didn't sell it then...
It is okay to be moderate and have an opinion either supporting or against a union but you know i have noticed some unique differences when talking to pro union and anti union..

The word i hear the most when discussing the need for a union is " WE "

the word i hear the most from the radical anti union guys is " me "

Go see for yourself..

Me Me Me Me dont want to pay $2000 a year, me dont want to negotiate, me this, me that

You arrogant self serving ipjb clowns are the ones destroying this company with your ME rhetoric. You are a disgrace. I will happily take a bullet to see that my fellow pilots have a legal binding voice to negotiate an industry average contract while allowing the company levels of efficiency that not only improve their bottom line but mine as well.

I cant see how i could be more rational and moderate than that.. My vote YES for all the right reasons. Will it save us? Maybe yes Maybe no but i would rather hedge my bets on legal precedent than legal speculation which is EXACTLY where we are at with this unilateral PEA..

Wake the F up this is business not emotion..
Why is it JP management belongs to its own representation, the ATA...?

What other career pilots are looking to go Blue? Meaning wanting to decertify their representation and leave their careers in the hands of management. (one has to look at who back JB financially on Wall Street... they are the true controllers....)

It is simply amazing that professional pilots willing reject self government and put their families fate in the hands of stockholders whose only concern is profit.

Can a JB pilot explain the open door policy and the direct relationship with management? How does that work and how is it beneficial? It would seem that policy dictates this "direct" relationship not what pilots falsely believe it is... better yet, will a JB pilot explain?

A jetblue pilot is a ramper is a flight attendant is a gate agent......
A few questions: does each JB pilot get to negotiate their individual pay and work rules or does everyone get the same?

If you are to collectively bargain- the group representing you ought to be as independent as YOU would be if you negotiated for yourself- i guarantee your CEO has a real contract and that was negotiated by a lawyer that was not employed by the company. And that CEO will defend that contract to no end. there's really only one way to collectively bargain with any integrity- and that's with a fully certified independent union with a set of bypass that are voted on-

Any attempts at keeping you less than represented are requests that your own CEO hasn't and would never agree to himself.

Btw- 3rd party is not a valid representation - it's YOU organizing YOURSELVES.
Btw- who founded the IPJB?
If the company supports and/or helped create it in any way- it is illegal under the RLA-


Fourth. Organization and collective bargaining, freedom from interference by carrier, assistance in organizing or maintaining organization by carrier forbidden; deduction of dues from wages forbidden

Employees shall have the right to organize and bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing. The majority of any craft or class of employees shall have the right to determine who shall be the representative of the craft or class for the purposes of this chapter. No carrier, its officers, or agents shall deny or in any way question the right of its employees to join, organize, or assist in organizing the labor organization of their choice, and it shall be unlawful for any carrier to interfere in any way with the organization of its employees, or to use the funds of the carrier in maintaining or assisting or contributing to any labor organizabion, labor representative, or other agency of collective bargaining, or in performing any work therefor, or to influence or coerce employees in an effort to induce them to join or remain or not to join or remain members of any labor organization, or to deduct from the wages of employees any dues, fees, assessments, or other contributions payable to labor organizations, or to collect or to assist in the collection of any such dues, fees, assessments, or other contributions: Provided, That nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit a carrier from permitting an employee, individually, or local representatives of employees from conferring with management during working hours without loss of time, or to prohibit a carrier from furnishing free transportation to its employees while engaged in the business of a labor organization."

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