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AirTran Cancelling Classes

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I gotta have more cowbell
Mar 6, 2002
Just got the word that AirTran is cancelling all classes until further notice, due to DC9s being retired (or so they say). Anyway..not good news at one of the few companies that HAD been hiring.
Depends how you look at it. Retiring the DC-9's is in the company's best interest. The new 717's make a great impression on the traveling public. I am sure the hiring will resume when all the DC-9's pilots move over to the 717.

Any truth to the rumor that Airtran is looking at some 737-800's ?
I hear ya !

Like you said, press on because tomorrow is another day.

To ease your pain, there was a press release the other day regarding airline growth over the next 10 years. It was quite dramatic. For those who keep at it there will be plenty of opportunity in the near future !!!

Take Care
Where did you get this info? I have not heard anything about them being cancelled till further notice. I know the march classes were cancelled because training was backed up. The april bid packet has a class for seven 717 fo's at the end of april and fourteen at the beginning of may.
I realize you are talking about new hire classes. That is where these vacancies will be filled from. I don't think there are 21 DC-9 FO's that are not in a seat and equipment lock. Just curious where you got the info. I work at Airtran an have not heard anything.
Jill told me today, no hiring until fall...
Your info is not accurate. AirTran is still hiring. There are 140 pilots in training right now. The ATL 717 sim was just pulled down to certify it to level D, it had been level C. All the training that was scheduled for ATL has been shifted to MIA, so the whole pipeline just got slowed down.

The vacancy notice that was ammended on 13 March had ADDED openings. They were for 14 717 fo's ( probably new hires) and 16 Captain vacancies.

The VP of Flight OPs said on Thursday that he was going to continue to hire into the 717 for the foreseeable future, to "keep the pump primed", his words.

As for the -9's, nobody knows. On Monday the CEO told us that he was going to park 14 -9s this year, most in Q3 and 4. in addition to the retirements of the 9's, we are taking 20 717's, of which we have only taken 2 so far this year. There is a lot of hiring to fill those spots. The Chief pilot said they were still hiring on Tuesday, and the VP of Flight ops told me on thursday that the classes got pushed back, but are still coming.
AirTran New-Hire Class Scoop

Ok, here's the scoop - and believe me - it comes from a VERY reliable source. We - AirTran - have placed all people who had class dates into a pool. The crew manning requirements are changing every day b/c (like mentioned in previous posts) growth and retirement of the DC-9s. Jill N. told me that she and others involved in new-hire planning attend a weekly meeting (Wed. I think) to evaluate staffing needs - each week it's something new - people shift a/c, upgrade, fail, go on leave, get fired, ect. And as these changes occur, the dates we need new-hires to start class also change. So - rather than keep Greta tied to the phone calling people to change from one date to the next, they decided to put everyone in a pool, and call them when a firm class date is scheduled. Probably should have done this in the first place - but who can say. Another thing to consider is that if we do retire 14 DC-9s this year and take 20 717s we have only gained 6 aircraft which changes the number of new-hires needed considerably. If you're in the pool - you're still in the pool and when we hire again, you will be called. Do what you have to do, hopefully you're still gainfully employed and you can keep flying. If you're not, well get current b/c as you know, things change in this industry on a dime and you have to be prepared for anything. Best of Luck!

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