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AirTran announces Detroit

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As the World Turns
Jul 23, 2002
I have to admit.... I never saw this coming. I thought St. Louis was going to be our next city. Shows how little I know about Market planning.

AirTran Airways Rolls into the Motor City with New Service to Detroit
Thursday August 4, 5:30 am ET

Daily Nonstop Service to/from Atlanta and Orlando Beginning November 8, 2005

ORLANDO, Fla., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- AirTran Airways, a subsidiary of AirTran Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AAI - News), today announced the airline will commence new daily nonstop service from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Orlando International Airport beginning November 8, 2005. Service to Sarasota Bradenton International Airport will also be added from Detroit starting February 15, 2006. These new routes will be served by the airline's popular Boeing 717 aircraft with 12 Business Class and 105 coach seats.

"We are thrilled to bring high-quality, low-fare service to travelers in the Detroit area starting this November," said Kevin Healy, AirTran Airways' vice president of planning and scheduling. "Detroit Metro will be our 48th city and a very strong addition to our route network. Detroit is the largest market in the country we do not serve directly. We've worked closely with the Wayne County Airport Authority and business leaders in the area to bring AirTran Airways and America's youngest all-Boeing fleet to the Motor City."

"We are very excited to have AirTran Airways entering Detroit Metropolitan Airport with service to multiple destinations," said Lester Robinson, CEO Wayne County Airport Authority. "The addition of low-fare service in Detroit has been a priority of our Board and provides our customers with more choices when they travel."

AirTran Airways will offer the following new daily nonstop flight options to/from Detroit starting November 8, 2005:

Nonstop Service from Detroit To Departs Arrives Frequency Atlanta 6:40 a.m. 8:40 a.m. Daily Atlanta 11:55 p.m. 1:55 p.m. Daily Atlanta 2:10 p.m. 4:10 p.m. Daily** Atlanta 5:50 p.m. 7:50 p.m. Daily Orlando 2:10 p.m. 4:50 p.m. Daily Sarasota 3:35 p.m. 6:25 p.m. Daily* *Service to Sarasota begins February 15, 2006 **Additional Atlanta flight begins December 6, 2005 Nonstop Service to Detroit From Departs Arrives Frequency Atlanta 9:20 a.m. 11:20 a.m. Daily Atlanta 11:30 a.m. 1:30 p.m. Daily Atlanta 3:15 p.m. 5:15 p.m. Daily** Atlanta 9:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. Daily Orlando 2:35 p.m. 5:15 p.m. Daily Sarasota 12:10 p.m. 3:00 p.m. Daily* *Service to Sarasota begins February 15, 2006 **Additional Atlanta flight begins December 6, 2005 Listed below are sample one-way fares (valid in either direction) to/fromDetroit: Destination Lowest Coach Class Lowest Walk-up Business Class Atlanta $79 $219 $254 Orlando $84 $130 $299AirTran Airways, one of America's largest low-fare airlines with 6,400 friendly, professional Crew Members, operates over 500 daily flights to 48 destinations. The airline's hub is at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where it is the second largest carrier. AirTran Airways recently added the fuel-efficient Boeing 737-700 aircraft to create America's youngest all-Boeing fleet. The airline is also the first carrier to install XM Satellite Radio on a commercial aircraft. For reservations or more information, visit http://www.airtran.com (America Online Keyword: AirTran).
Remember the movie Vacation?

Clark: Hey Holmes how do you get to Detroit?

Holmes: F--K your mama!!!

And FL717 your right your not to smart!!
Detroit... What the ..... over.

You would think we would have 'better low hanging fruit'. How bout MSP to SEA.... Ouch. Although, hard to beat Sun Country.

Yeah.. St Louis... or maybe SAT... or maybe another farm town. How bout Billings (seasonal) or Missoula.

How bout them Islands down south where big D is headed I understand they spent lots of dough looking at those destinations.. Good vacation destinations... ? Trouble is.. Country folks never heard of dem destinations... LOL....

All in good fun and jest. Yeah 717 cant wait to fly into Detroit... Longest taxi on the planet...... Next to MSP
De-toilet is a great town. Long layovers on the "8 mile road" gave me a chance to try impromptu rapping on the mic. You got one chance. Are you gonna blow it?

Bye Bye--General Lee
Sweeeeeeeeeet!!!! Finally, low fares in DTW. Wonder what this will do to Spirit? I see full planes going to Florida!
717pilot said:
Remember the movie Vacation?

Clark: Hey Holmes how do you get to Detroit?

Holmes: F--K your mama!!!

And FL717 your right your not to smart!!

Man, you're way off!

It was "excuse me, can you give me directions to the nearest freeway?"

"Hey fuc.k yo mamma!"
Stealing from Themselves?

Will they be stealing AirTran passengers from Detroit who drive to Flint? Will people presently riding out of FNT now fly out of DTW.
Last edited:
I think we will get people from the south and southwest of DTW. I also believe this is in direct response to Northwest announcing FNT-LAS and Northwest's looming labor problems.
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I only heard stories about the Wheat and Rye...? all rumors only.

And some crazy redneck joint nicknamed the 'wedge'... Snicker Snicker..

I think we should have went to City... End run around SWA.. LOL

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