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AirNet: Do they still hire into the piston SIC program?

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Well-known member
Aug 18, 2004
Their website shows their minimums at 500 with some FAA approved SIC program to build time, but I've heard they've done away with that. What's the update on that? Thanks in advance, and please no "Airnet pilots think their company is better than everyone else" bashing.
A few more questions

Also to add to the previous post, what do a lot of the pilots who go to Airnet typically do as far as their future? Is it typical to go to a place like Airnet at 500TT and then once getting Mins of a regional to apply and move on? Or do most stay and move up? Also where are most placed? IND a pretty senior base? Just wondering. Any input would be great, just looking into information about places nothing too serious. Oh and what is the hourly rate for a SIC?
We're hiring into the SIC program for the props, typically we see 900 to 1000 hours but I've seen as low as 600 on occasion. Most people end up staying with us long enough to get some time in the Learjets and then move on to regionals or whatever else they want, but sometimes we get some "lifers." IND is actually a very junior base and is a pretty common run to have an SIC on.

Oh and we don't think we're better than everyone else. We know we are. Hehehehe, sorry couldn't resist. :beer:
Have a friend starting class this week for the SIC gig. Got on around 1000TT.
Hey Prince,

If I were to get furloughed, you think AirNet would take me back? :) My first choice would be Jetride, but I will HONESTLY say, I MISS FLYING THOSE AIRNET PROPS. You taking care of my baby? N400RP I hear she has had a nice makeover.

Seriously, I'm not worried about furlough, but watching Delta closely. Say hi to everyone for me. I miss working there. I"ve been sitting reserve and have not flown or done ANYTHING since November 1.

Fly Safe Everyone!!

Ok, I'll give ya this one in that it's cool to make money by just sitting on your arse. Hell, I've made a career of it.

If you get furloughed you might be able to come back, although you'd be at the bottom of the list again (we're up to 530 now) and you'd have to put up with G007 and the others laughing at you. :beer:
for you existing Airnet guys, are there bases in the Co, Ut, or Mt area? I see that Airnet flys there, but are the crews based there? Also, where are they on the bid? (Under/over bidded?)
Any of our bases west of the Mississippi river are jet only, you won't find any props out that way.
Except for OMA...at least i think we still have a van there.

Purvis, i don't think they would let you come back...ahhh man just messin' with ya. I am sure they would love for you to start over from the bottom again...with a seat and base lock in BUF or TEB for 3 years.

meyers...we have some of our jet guys who have been here as little as 5 years going to places such as Airtran and JetBlue right now, with others who have interviews other places so we will have to see how those go. So, in all actuality, you can stay here and move on to the majors/nationals instead of coming here for a year, moving to a regional with an upgrade of say 2-3 years, then building your PIC time (turbine) for the next 2 years to reach hiring mins at the same places...I guess what i am saying, is that while you may make it going through the regionals as well, you might just do it faster by sticking it out here.

Now as far as the pay goes...well that is the kicker after a couple years here...that is where i feel it actually might be better to go somewhere else if you REALLY NEED money...otherwise i would say airnet would be a better route.
starchkr thanks for the information. Like i said just wondering about the company a little bit and seeing what other options there are out there. It sounds like a reasonable plan. The pay would be the down side but like you said you have guys after 5 years applying for the same job that some regional guys would love, yet they could very well be sitting right seat 5 years at come regionals (Eagle) with low upgrade times? I guess another question would be what are like your routes or what's a typcial night of flying for you? Sounds like you guys have a heck of a time doing what you do, so even with a lower pay gaining the hours and having fun is always a great incentive to work for a place.

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