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Air Wisconsin flushes pool

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Nov 29, 2001
To all out there that were waiting for a class date, they have officially flushed the pool. The letters are in the mail explaining everything. Sounds like they want to hire pilots with tons of time. Maybe someone should remind them they are a regional airline. What a bunch of B.S.!!!!!!
Does Air Whiskey still have guys out on furlough? Just curious, I haven't heard much about them lately.
Yep, just got the letter as well. I just don't see the advantage of completely draining a pool when you have a stash of qualified people in there. I think inviting the poolies to ATW for a little "follow-up" interview when hiring resumes would have been the better choice. Oh well, gotta love this business.
how long have pilots been in the pool at awac? i cant believe an airline would do that to people they have offered a position to, if awac is a good airline like they say they are, they need to honor there comitment to those pilots like the pilots did for awac when they needed them and the pilots took the time to prepare and go to the interview for them..if they want pilots with more time then they should train the pilots in the pool first then hire higher time pilots....this industry can be very rewarding but also very unforgiving!!!!!
Most of us in the pool were hired in the summer, myself being in the beginning of July. I'm still in disbelief that they would do this. It was awfully nice of them though to suggest reapplying when they start hiring again. Fat chance, I'll go elsewhere.

P.S. I'm not bitter...
Cry me a friggin' river! AWAC doesn't owe a darn thing to people they have tentatively offered a job too. Until you finish your first year, you can be fired without reason. Hello?!

I find the whole idea pretty idiotic considering the money they invested to interview these people so I definitely agree with the general sentiment.

AWAC still has 39 on furlough including myself. Please guys, do not be under any illusion that you owe anything to your company. They will put you out on the street if they find it financially beneficial. Those people in the pool that interviewed weren't "honoring a commitment" to AWAC. Stop being melodramatic. They were looking out for #1 (themselves).
they pay like a regional

so I call them a regional
AWACoff said:
They were looking out for #1 (themselves).

Just curious. Exactly how much money were we costing the company by being in the pool?

I do agree completely that there is no loyalty anywhere in this industry. We were not being "loyal" to AWAC by being in the pool (most of us were probably hired elsewhere), and they don't have any obligation to hire us right now just because we're in the pool. But why start completely from scratch?

Anyway, it's probably for the best since this is a terrible time to be starting out at the bottom of anyone's seniority list.


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