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AIN article on Netjets Consolidation

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Jun 2, 2006
. . . . . .Meanwhile, a knowledgeable source told AIN that Sokol is moving forward with plans to consolidate NJA, NJI and NJLA operations at NJA’s facility in Columbus, Ohio. NJI’s current operations center is in Okatie, S.C.; NJLA has two ops facilities in Connecticut. According to the source, this consolidation will result in layoffs. However, a NetJets spokesperson told AIN that NJI’s ops center will stay in Okatie and said NJLA is “already in Ohio.” The spokesperson also confirmed that NetJet’s headquarters will be moving from Woodbridge, N.J., to Columbus.
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As long as Billy brings JD, KS, SE, and the best of the rest to run EVERYTHING in CMH, it might not be too bad. You knew Woodbridge would be gone in short order and the Bradley Beach Club should be closing soon.....
I was wondering, let's pick a furlough number out of thin air. Lets just say for argument sake 900 a totally random number. ;) That's roughly 50 I Guys, granted some of those guys jumped on the early outs. We can't lose around 90 guys(with the early outs). Then have to replace them with guys we gotta send to get typed in G's that just dumb.

I am so confused. Help me out here someone.
Can't see it going that deep. But, then again, I couldn't figure out who shot J. R. :rolleyes:
The training costs along would be numbers in the lotto range for all departmens.

If "x" amount of pilots are put on the street then "y" amount would certainly be downgraded, right?
So, now ya have a true (junior) FO who holds a plane that a former CA could hold as an now more senior FO. Now what? Does that former CA get the spot and would that bump that true FO out and into maybe another fleet. It'll be like a big domino set falling acrossed the floor. One desplacement after another.

Granted each displacement of a CA my not move an FO out of a fleet, but it could certainly cause those results to happen some of the time.

We could spectulate all day long and in the end the sun will set with no results here. Only a few know what will happen and until they release the grand plan we just drive on. Can't sweat what ya can't control.
It'll be interesting to say the least.
Downgrades only happen when fleet disposal takes place, from what I understand.

We are swimming in uncharted waters now. Who's to say they don't add two more fleets to the disposal list and cause downgrades. Or how about since downgrades are not addressed under a furlough situation then comes downgrades with more fleet disposals. Now what?
See, uncharted waters right now.

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