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Additional UAL Pilot Furloughs today

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Not so bad news....(?)

Not to sound flip - but this seems like a pleasantly smaller number than I was expecting. This would leave the total so far around 1000 to 1100, no? This is half what has been talked about. Do you have any new info on further furloughs?

I have actually started seeing some positive signs from United in different places.

To all you UAL furloughees - Don't worry, the doom and gloom crowd are wrong IMHO. UAL will pull out of this in less time than you think.

Good Luck

Try 253....and I will bet my first year's salary the three you didn't count really don't want to be counted either.

>>"Do you have any new info on further furloughs?"<<

This isn't official (I know, what is??), but a couple of days ago, an e-mail from UAL's CEO was sent to one of our pilots. It discussed two significant issues:

1. There would be a few hundred more pilot furloughs. Looks like that sadly came true today.

2. He also said the 1200 additional furloughs that were forecast will be "significantly" less due to an increase in block hours for the summer. Interpret that as you may.

Best of luck to all.
Sad to say I'm one of the unlucky 253. Called the union hotline tonight thinking that they might have something to say about another 253 getting the axe call today. Surprisingly not a word was mentioned about it.

I knew it was headed my way, but I am surprised the union didn't have anything to say about it. Instead, they had a bunch of other stuff on the recording, including donating to ALPA PAC.

Is the union fighting the furloughs? I sure hope so. Last I read in the contract was that all pilots off probation won't be furloughed.
It seems like that has been thown out the window for now. I know UAL was wanting to get another 70 RJ's flying in 2002. It is clear to me that mainline jobs are being outsourced to the regional carriers. How can we have 884 guys from mainline out on furlough and at the same time allow UAL to increase RJ flying by 70 jets?
Hang in there but I would start looking for something to do until recall before all the others hit the streets. Learn the way to the unemployment office also, that's the first stop after you get your official notice.
Awright, RSN,

That's enough bellyaching from that corner. News flash: UAL doesn't own any of its regional partners. Which carrier did you have in mind to "one-list" with? Skywest? They also fly for Delta. ACA? They also fly for Delta. Air Wis? Pilots on furlough. You might beg Great Lakes to come back; no doubt they'd be thrilled to one-list with you.

Besides, the last time UAL owned another carrier, Air Wis, the United pilots were way too good to deal with their second-class, red-headed brethren at that dinky little carrier flying 100 seat jets. So Air Wis was cut loose. Which is it? Only want to talk when it's good for you? I doubt you'd get much cooperation from them this time. UAL pilots don't have the best reputation for dealing with other pilot groups, you know.
Jeff G said:
UAL pilots don't have the best reputation for dealing with other pilot groups, you know.

Truer words have never been spoken. Does anyone remember what they did to Frontier (the original)?

Sounds like the brain surgeons are going to get a taste of their own medicine.

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