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ACA & Traffic tickets

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Apr 23, 2002
Someone set me straight. I had received a call from an ACA recruiter earlier this week for the telephone interview. He had asked a few basic questions and also asked about how many tickets I have had in the last 10 years. I had told him 5 or so. As fast as he asked the question he told me he could not offer an interview due to the traffic tickets. My file is on review status and if they don't call back the tickets are the reason. HUMMMMM!!
I was 16 ten years ago. I WAS MADE TO GET TICKETS AT 16! Is this unreasonable to go back when you were 16 years old to determine if you are worthy of an interview? I understand if I was 30 and have had 5 tickets in the last 5 years. I am a totally different person that I was in my teen years.
Unfortuneately in todays market all of the standards have been raised. This is just one of the things that they look at.

Willis I agree with you completly. I have a handful of tickets from when I was in my teens going out to chase the skirts but like yourself this has been about 8 years ago and I a new person.
Sorry guys, I can't agree with you here. No one was "made" to get tickets. Being an irresponsible driver is not "cool". Maybe when someone you love dies because someone was "made" to drive bad, you will see things differently. Sorry, don't want to sound heartless, but having 5 tickets is not a little deal.
We all did/do dumb things, but that many times? Looks like a shallow learning curve to an employer.
I didn't get any tickets when I was 16. Many others on this board didn't either. You can chase skirts without exceeding the speed limit. As for lying about tickets...Give it a shot but you will be fired if the truth comes out.

At ACA, a flag goes up if a candidate has gotten more than 3 in a 5 year period. This flag doesnt necessarily proclude you from getting an interview (although it may if the # of tickets exceeds this), its just a strike against you. Im not sure if this was the case with you, and Im sure you may not have been expecting the question, but answering "about 5 or so" may not have been the way to answer it. Maybe "I had some when I first got my license, Im not quite sure of the # but I can get documentation and I know of none in quite a few years..." Again, I know its hard to think on your feet when youre not expecting such a question, so research it alittle, get a copy of your driving records, and if you really want to work at ACA, keep calling Dean Hess and Shaun Nichol at 703-650-6435; they cant ignore you forever.

good luck
zkmayo, good post...

the rest of you (with the exception of a few of you) get off your high horse and either give the guy some advice he can use or don't say anything at all. there's enough PC police on this board...
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I agree Anaconda.

Once again a guy who wants some info falls prey to the "I'm a better person then you because..." It happens everywhere. He just wanted some advice. Oh and before you guys flame me, My dad can beat up all of your dads.


600' AGL Autopilot on.
Anaconda, Rook, etc.,
Willis said, and I quote: "Someone set me straight..."
This was not an innocent post asking an innocent question which everyone took out of context and jumped on. Mr. Willis was clearly asking for justification that he/she was treated unfairly. Obviously, many of us think this is not the case. If Willis didn't want to hear our opinions, why ask us to 'set him straight'? It sounds to me like some of you may have some ticket issues yourselves. Feel free to voice your opinion, but don't tell me to keep mine to myself just because it makes you nervous. No "high-horse" involved. Simply a differing opinion.

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